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25 Crucial tips, Tricks and Life-Saving Hacks that Can Save Your Life !


“Better be safe than sorry” – This phrase is incredibly meaningful in our day to day life. But accidents do happen, and they happen without a warning. If you ever find yourself stuck in a situation where survival skills and knowledge become necessary to save your life, these valuable life hacks can come in very handy. Let’s take a look at few life-threatening situations and how you can do the best to survive when you are in such dire straits.


#1. Kidnapping

If you ever face a situation where you are being abducted, drop your wallet at the spot before you are taken away. Grabbing your wallet and dropping it where you are being abducted will help people and officials locate the place of abduction and your details which can crucially help zero into the criminals. It can substantially help officials in rescuing you.



#2. Agility is a boon

Fitness can be one of your prime weapons in case you find yourself in a mugging situation or even protect you from an attacker. Agility is your best defensive weapon which will help you get away from the goon. Remember, one can’t attack or hurt you if they can’t catch you.

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