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15 DIY Clothing Hacks That You Wish You Knew Earlier

Bored of wearing the same clothes? Do not have enough budget to buy new designer clothes or don’t want to give away the old ones? Try these DIY no sew hacks to give your wardrobe a changeover or fix a wardrobe malfunction.
These hacks are not just fixes but beautiful designs that will amaze both you and anyone who sees you wearing them. You don’t necessarily have to be a tailoring expert for any of these hacks. A few cuts here and there and elementary skills are all you will need. Even if you have never given a thought about customizing your dress, one of the listed ideas may inspire you to give it a try.
Have a look at the list of ideas that may convince you of trying it or you take it as a starting point to add and create your designs.


1. That Skirt

You are bored of that long skirt you have been wearing, give it a new look by just cutting the hem in the shape you like. All you will need is your old skirt and a sharp pair of scissors – Cut the skirt in the shape you like.

2. Design your own Scarf

To design this scarfs all you need is the fabric of the length you like about 1 -1.5 meters is ideal for a scarf and a pair of sharp scissors. Lay the fabric straight and cut the ends of each side of the fabric into strips. You can keep the strips about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. You can adjust these measurements based on your choice. You may end by tying each strip in a knot into itself.

3. Elbow Patches

If you want to add some swag to your regular shirt, this is what you should give a try. Choose an ideal shape cut out from a felt cloth and keep some fabric glue nearby. Stick the patch on the elbows and you just re-fashioned your old shirt.

4. Jeans to Hot Pants

All of us have that love-hate relationship with our old classic jeans. If you are done wearing your jeans over the years, it’s time to convert them into those hot pants for your beach holiday. You will need your classic jeans, a small bottle cap to design the hem, chalk and sharp pair of scissors. Draw the hem using the bottle cap and chalk at the length of the pants you want and cut the design. Taddaaa you got yourself a cool classic hot pant.

5. Make your own Poncho

You have that shawl that you find difficult to carry in that shivering cold weather? We may have a solution for you, convert it into a Poncho. Fold the wrap in half widthwise and lay it flat on the floor. Cut a big circle in the center through which you can put your head and now you have your shawl converted to a poncho. Put your head through both the slits and you have boat neck poncho.

6. Add a Pocket your regular t-shirt

Add a zing to your plain t-shirt by adding a trendy pocket. Choose an ideal fabric, cut it in the shape of pocket you want, apply fabric glue and paste it on the t-shirt. Let it dry and then it’s ready to wear.

7. Rockstar Jeans

Here is another DIY project for your favorite jeans. Fold your jeans from the hem to the length you want the jeans to fall. Apply fabric glue at the hem. Now arrange the studs at the hem and stick them using fabric glue. Be ready to be called as a rockstar by your friends.

8. Bling on your T-shirt



Ahh, I like to add some bling to my dressing without putting on too many accessories. Your everyday t-shirt, fabric glue, metal studs and nail polish are all you will need. On one of the shoulders of your t-shirt arrange the studs in a pattern of your choice, and stick them using fabric glue. To add color to the studs use nail polish.

9. From Vest to a Cape

Adding a wrap can really compliment your persona and help you make a style statement. This quick five-minute DIY wrap can be made using just an extra large men’s t-shirt and scissors. Cut off from the neck of the t-shirt, sleeves and cut open the sides. The cape is ready. Wear it from the neck; the stylish cape is done.

10. Infinity Scarf

Scarves do lift one’s style statement immensely. Infinity scarves are easy to make, and you will just need an old t-shirt, fabric glue, scissors, tape, and fabric paint (if you want to add some pattern). Spread out your t-shirt on a flat surface and tape down the edges. Now cut a line as straight as possible from below to sleeves right across the bottom hem. Your actual scarf is ready. You can use the fabric paint to make it more creative.

11. Patch Leggings

We discussed patched elbows above. In the same way, you can add patches to your jeans. Cut shapes from a felt fabric of your choice. You can stick these shapes either on one leg of the jeans on or both – let open your creative side.

12. Interesting Back

A plain t-shirt can become your ultimate trendy wardrobe accessory by giving it a chic back. Lay a t-shirt flat, fold it in half vertically using the scale and pencil draw an inclined line till the length of the neck design you want. Cut the back on strips which can be till the inclined edge and 1 inch in width. Twist the strips and pull it through one another and see how your plain t-shirt becomes a craze amongst your friends.

13. Knot T-shirt

Knots are always in fashion and give a retro look. For this, you will need an old t-shirt and scissors. Cut off the neck hem and near the armhole of the t-shirt. Now reduce the length of the t-shirt from the back and the front cut it on the sides and then split it in the center so that you can tie a knot near your belly button.

14. Skirt T-shirt

Take a note because this is one of the coolest things you will come across. Bring the shirt near your waist and button it down. Take the sleeves and tie it around your waist. Voila! You have you shirt skirt ready!!

15. T-shirt Tote Bag

While everyone is moving towards sustainable living and moving away from plastic bags, cloth bags are a need for today. You can create your tote bag from an old t-shirt in 10 minutes. For this, you will need an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Lay the t-shirt inside out flat, cut at the neckline and near the armhole. Determine the depth of the bag and cut the hem in strips with 1-inch width. Tie the strips with one another till every strip is in a knot with another strip. Then, flip the t-shirt right side down again and voila!


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