The WaterNest : An extraordinary eco friendly house that floats with style.


The WaterNest is a unique masterpiece that is intended to buoy on smooth groups of blue. EcoFloLife’s “WaterNest” is long ways from your average “house on water.” Developed entirely out of repurposed aluminum and overlaid recovered timber, the UK-based organization’s 98% recyclable cushion offers a straightforward way of life saturated with nature, however one still padded with all the forefront solaces of a contemporary home. The stone molded unit whose 100-square-meter model is sufficiently spacious to agreeably house a family four—highlights galleries crossing its two lengthiest sides, alongside divider measured windows that permit common light to surge its inside amid the day. Impenetrable to effect and erosion, the vanguard abiding’s external shell requires practically no support, while its insides are furnished with sealed teak floors equipped for weathering changing temperatures, overwhelming mugginess, and high saltiness, alongside DuPont™ Corian® kitchen and restroom surfaces impervious to shape and microscopic organ


Regardless of its “ever-green” pith, the WaterNest gloats pretty much the same number of innovative livens as landlocked extravagance homes, utilizing domotic innovation that empowers occupants to control every last bit of its inward workings (from its temperature and lighting, to its sound and stimulation frameworks)—also screen the family unit’s power and water utilization with a solitary keypad.





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It is also equipped with an alarm system that connects directly any smartphone. This smart technology puts the entire house at your fingertips. It also offers numerous services well equipped within the system of the Nest.