Are You Smart Enough To Spot The Difference In These Pictures?


Do you think you have great observation power? Do you think you have a Sherlock hiding inside you, waiting to be discovered? Here is your chance! Spot the difference in these pictures and test your limits! These side by side pictures have a subtle difference somewhere – Let’s see if you are a genius enough to find them before we give away the answers.

1. Let us start with an easy one to get you all warmed up! Check out the images and spot the difference. Shouldn’t be a toughie – This is just to get you in the groove.
Answers will be in the End of Article.

2. Figured out the previous one quick? Good! You’re all geared up for the ones coming up. How about this one?

3. You are getting good at this, aren’t you? We all know the Monalisa smile. Let’s see if you can find out what the difference is between these two photographs of the famous painting.

4. So, you think you are getting the hang of it? Let’s see if you can spot the difference in this one!4via

5. Are you sweating already? There are quite a few differences in this one. Let’s see how many you can find out!5via

6. You think you found out all the differences in the previous puzzle? Let’s see you spot the difference in these two pictures.6via

7. A magical place and a magical picture. But picture perfect? Not really! There are multiple differences here and is definitely trickier than the previous ones. Let’s see how good you are at ‘spot the difference!’

8. Brace yourself! This one isn’t for the faint-hearted. Bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes because you will have to be a genius to spot all the difference in these two pictures. Very tricky and very detail oriented – pay attention and game on!



You are ready with your answers and think you have spotted all the differences? Or did you give up and looking for answers already? Either way, here you go.

1. There is a wee difference in the two pictures. Wee mouse-hole difference – on the right side of the lady’s legs.

2. The shadow and structure of the green pump on the right-hand bottom are marked. This is the difference – Could you figure it out yourself.

3. Monalisa has a smirk on her face because she knows the difference! Could you figure it out? There is a missing road on the left side of the image.

4. The size of the circle marked in the spaceship has changed in the picture. 4avia

5. The airplane is the obvious difference. Other than that, the dial of Big Ben has changed. The number shown on the bus is different, the top of the lamp-post is different and so is the color of the man’s shirt. Could you spot all of them?5avia

6. The very evident difference is the tree-branch. Barring that, the people on the right side of the frame are not there. And the third which is also the last difference is the building far away on the other side of the water body.6avia

7. There is a flag missing from the top of the tallest tower. It gets trickier from here on – the hole in Mickey’s ear is missing. The knee-patch on Goofy’s leg is different and the spire from the left is missing. There is also a difference in the number of windows in the tower on the left.

8. This was the toughest and if you have spotted all the difference here, you are a genius! Where do we start on this one? Going left to right, the shadow of the light post falling on the road is different. The chimney visible in the farthest building has a visible difference in size. The pavement on the right of the light post has changed and so has the shadow between the two buildings. The window on the closest building is different, a mark on the same building on the extreme right has vanished. The car’s bumper is different in the two pictures and the yellow divider in the middle of the road is visibly altered.

If you spotted all the differences, kudos to you! You are a master in this game who has immense observation power. Well-played!