Shocking facts about the human body

Our body undergoes umpteen amount of changes everyday which have infinitesimal visibility. Some of these are extremely gross and once you know about it, you probably will start taking more care of your body. Body anomalies happen on a regular basis and some of these happen in the most visually appealing areas like eyes, facial skin, etc. It is imperative to take proper care of the body as these problems basically including breeding of microscopic organisms. Here’s a list of some shocking facts that will freak you out and want to pay more attention to every little aspect of your body.

1. The dust in your house is actually your skin.


When you wake up in the morning, you often find a lot of dust in your house and have this gut-wrenching desire to start cleaning. Well, that’s basically all the body cells you’ve dusted off throughout the day. So basically, you’re cleaning your own skin everyday. Spooky much?

2. Enzymes that help you digest will digest you when you die.


When you die, the enzymes that help you digest your food throughout your life actually begin to eat you up in order to make sure your body mixes up with the earth. Scary isn’t it?

3. Bacteria colonization inside the mouth. 


Ever Googled the number of people alive in this world? It’s approximately 7 billion. Now take a moment to digest the fact that there are more than 7 billion bacteria in your mouth alone. These invisible micro-organisms set up colonies in our mouth, which is why doctors recommend brushing twice in a day and flossing regularly.

4. Human beings glow in the dark as well.


No, we do not belong to a species of fireflies. We just glow in the dark and bio-luminescence is an inherent property. The light we emit is barely visible to the naked eye but it is there. Wait for a while in the dark and after some time, despite being extremely dark, you can still slightly see your body parts. That’s what bio-luminescence does.

5. You could be a tree.



Humans can grow into a tree but this is a very serious sexually transmitted disease caused by HPV. HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. The genital area starts to resemble a tree like structure and if not treated on time, the entire body starts looking like a tree. This is as scary as it gets.

6. Demodex in your eyelashes.



We all have experienced the irresistible urge to rub our eyes especially before sleeping. This is because we have infinitesimally small mites living in our eyelashes which cause a twitching feeling. These mites are called Demodex  and although, they cause no damage to our eyes, just the thought of having these in our eyelashes scares us for the rest of our lives.

#7.  It takes 4-15 Months for your blood vessels to fully cover sunburn properly. 

4 (1)These were a few bodily anomalies that occur and wreak havoc into our lives. The key is to take proper care and avoid their colorization.