Real “Fault In Our Stars” Couple Leave Their Story Behind


Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters are the main characters in the popular book and movie “Fault in Our Stars”. These characters might be fictional and not drawn from any inspiration as such, but in reality, Dalton and Katie Prager lived the exact same lives. Know as the real ‘Fault in Our Stars’ couple, Dalton and Katie Prager lived an amazing journey which sadly came to a heartbreaking end recently.

Dalton and Katie both were fighting a relentless battle against cystic fibrosis and have passed away just days apart¬†from each other. Cystic Fibrosis is a deadly disease that over a staggering 30,000 people are fighting against just in America alone. Katie and Dalton’s love story is like a fairy-tale which ends on a sad note.
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Dalton and Katie ¬†met each other when they were young 18-year-olds. They were both battling cystic fibrosis at that time and were aware of each other’s condition.

They got into a relationship even though the doctors had advised Katie not to – as Dalton had an infection which might worsen Katie’s condition. Katie paid no heed to their warnings and let love triumph.

Two years from then, both of them got married to each other. They lived a few amazing years together and recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary together in July. That was the last time they would see each other in person.

Dalton was admitted to a hospital in St.Louis with a viral infection and pneumonia. Even though he had a lung transplant, his condition deteriorated.

Dalton breathed his last on 17th September. Katie was not around as she was admitted to hospice care. They could FaceTime while Katie was in hospice but she never got the chance to meet Dalton again after July.


Dalton had a “never give up” attitude towards life according to Katie.

Katie commented that she had no regrets about their relationship or the times they have spent together. She was happy to have lived five years in love rather than 20 years of not being with anybody.

That was right before the day Dalton passed away. Katie was completely happy about them being together in love and having spent five amazing years married to Dalton.

On 22nd September, only five days after Dalton passed away, Katie took her last breath at her home in Kentucky.


Katie’s wish of being at her home away from the hospital, IVs and tubes were fulfilled on that day. She was amidst her parents, brother, and dogs when she died peacefully in her bed.

Complications stemming from years of battle against cystic fibrosis and lung transplant are stated as the primary cause of death for Katie. In her mother’s words – “I truly believe Dalton had prepared a place for his wife”.

Before she passed away Katie said that if she could write a book about her and Dalton’s story, it would have been a best-seller. The ending, in her words, would have read – “And they lived happily ever after, in each other’s arms for eternity”.

Katie might not have written a book and ‘Fault in Our Stars’ might not actually be their story. But, Dalton and Katie have left behind a story that touched millions of hearts. Many would agree that their love story was greater than the one we read in books or watch in movies. Not only that, they left behind a lot of people well educated and informed about a deadly disease that claims many a lives.