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    47 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life!

    You know when your parents told you to switch the TV off because the standby mode consumes electricity? Guess what? The idea is wrong. Standby mode is a sleep mode (just like polar bear) and it doesn’t increase your electricity bill, Pffh! Now you have a reason to be LAZY. Sit back and go through […]

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    20 People Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You

    Many of us are well-accustomed to that dreadful feeling we have on bad days. But what these people are going through will make you be really thankful that you are not in their place.  Here are 20 instances when fate turned against people and gifted them with a bad day which is ten folds worse […]

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    Hilarious Dad Logics that will make you Laugh Hard!

    Dad is my ‘hero’, well in his own unique way.. But how does dad’s logic work? Or is there any logic at all? So dad’s are smart, responsible, gentlemen.. But are dad’s also very funny… and to add to the list ‘hilarious’? Let’s check out.. 1) Halloween doesn’t need to be just on one particular […]