How Miley Cyrus’ Sister Looks Now Will Make You Feel So Old

You would’n want to miss her!

You surely remember Hannah Montana, don’t you? If you don’t you have grown up too fast and so does Miley and her siblings. Miley being a big star is popular, but some of her siblings who work in the¬†entertainment industry are not much talked about. Consequently, we could have missed what Miley’s little cute sister looks like now. But fortunately, we noticed her crazy transformation in a blink of an eye.


Here’s a snap of the Cyrus family from back then and God, good looks do run in the family


Seems like yesterday when she starred in one of the most popular shows of that time, Hannah Montana. She was 14 at that time, and her baby sister was just six years old.



Having your bigger sister as the ultra popular Hannah Montana definitely, must have had its own perks.



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