Man Loses A Whopping 425 Pounds – This Is How He Looks Now


Many people would unanimously agree that losing weight is one of the most difficult things ever! There is a certain social stigma attached to the weight of a person. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that being overweight can affect your health, lifestyle and regular day to day activities. Not only are you more prone to diseases and ailments, but with every pound you gain, you are losing more energy, stamina, and agility to do things. And it’s true – the more you gain weight, the harder it is for you to lose it. Mostly, people who are overweight give in to it and often stop trying to get back in shape. Blame it on the laziness, the lack of energy or the sheer amount of dedication required for it – but it’s them who are at loss. There are many people who are taking up the challenge and turning their life around and the tremendous effort they put, and therefore the results they achieve are really commendable. We bring to you some examples of overweight people who transformed themselves and are setting great examples for others around the globe.

1. Ronnie Brower is one such trendsetter who was tired of all the negative impacts of being overweight and decided to completely transform himself for good. In over 700 days, he managed to shed around 425 lbs! All credit to his perseverance and self-motivation.

2. Another Imgur user going by the name of jsaslb had an amazing transformation story to share. In a little less than 1.5 years, she lost 138 lbs!


3. denovosivi – a Reddit user worked hard for 19 months and lost 140 lbs.


4. SethIdol – another Reddit user went from 660 lbs to 285 lbs. Crazy, isn’t it?


5. In 10 months lilll, an Imgur user transformed herself completely losing 110 lbs.

6. Another Reddit user shared her story of reducing 185 lbs in a matter of 17 months!


7. A Reddit user sflannery86 was 384lbs and then lost 211 lbs. She does look like a different person at only 173 lbs.

8. thackerslacker is another Reddit user who took 27 months to completely change her outlook dropping to 125 lbs from 255 lbs.

9. Wilmolwin – another Reddit user with an inspiring transformation! Same person, 5 years apart!

10. Ashley3nb reduced 165 lbs over a short span of 18 months!

11. hannamae1991 in two different photographs – 261 lbs and 115 lbs.

12. CupcakePanda, an Imgur user is completely unrecognizable after shedding 150 lbs.

13. From a whopping 585 lbs, JeffreyGlen, a Reddit user dropped to 175 lbs in 3 years! Wow!

14. Similarly, another Reddit user imlostinitnow shed 160 lbs over a period of 15 months.

15. Redditor r1ptide64 shed 235lbs and the amazing transformation photos are inspiring!

16. ArcticxM00N129  went turned her life around shedding weight from 305 lbs to 161 lbs.