Laugh Or Cry At These Little Messy Monsters? Decide for yourself!

My child is not at all messy” – said no parent ever.

Parents allow free-play time for every child – this seems beneficial for both. While the parents get some time off their hands from the 24×7 vigilance of their young ones, the kids too get their own free time to take things into their own hands. But as soon as the kids are set free, a cute little monster is unleashed that can make the mess they make look like their “adorable accomplishment”.  Thank God for making kids extremely adorable because once you see these pictures you will know why they are being termed as messy monsters here. Whether you should cry at the mess they make or laugh at their adorable innocence – let’s leave the choice to you.

  1. It was so yummy! I just couldn’t have enough.

    619-05644019 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Mixed race baby boy eating spaghetti


2. We wanted you to rest, while we put the dinner together.

3. Mom! didn’t you say “white” means clean?
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4. Giving the floor a chocolate mask to make it “glow”!!
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I dunno, she looks pretty in control of the whole situation


6. We know this is modern art… We saw this on the TV!!
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7. Can you please knock before coming… my dolly needs to use the bathroom.
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8. Don’t worry mommy… the chocolate milkshake situation is absolutely under control!
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9. I know! I know! We need to clean our own mess!
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10. Look… I painted perfectly!!
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11. Smashed it!
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12. No one told us making bread could actually be so easy!
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13. But…Didn’t you say face-packs make you look beautiful?

14. You were not supposed to see my art before I finished it!
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15. Deep in thoughts planning for next mess mission
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