Why “The Joker” Played By Jared Leto Is Way Cooler Than Heath Ledger’s Act


Questioning who was played a better “Joker” is probably the most controversial question you can ask a Batman fan! Unanimously most would agree that Heath Ledger stole the show and everyone’s heart along with it.

But there are those few who would rather choose Jared Leto’s portrayal as a cooler and scarier version. It is obvious that ‘The Joker’ is as popular as the Batman – and playing such an iconic character on-screen needs perfection, dedication and immense input as an actor. Keeping all that in mind we think Jared Leto played a cooler version of Joker in Suicide Squad than Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and here’s why.

1. Those set of grills made him look scarier as a villain! They made him look more deranged and evil  – just as the character is supposed to be.1via

2. He sports edgy costumes and makes it look trendy! 2via


3. Jared Leto’s Joker owns a private chopper – and that’s awesome!3via

4. He owns a private night club! It doesn’t get cooler than that. 5via

5. His tattoos reek of how deranged and messed up he is! And for those who think it’s emo or goth – it’s not. 4via

6. His amazing display of weapons! You’ve got to admit – that’s badass! And scary!6via