What Would Famous Sitcoms Be Like In Reality?


Sitcoms are an inevitable part of our daily entertainment dose and while everyone might have a different favorite, somewhere deep down we all relate to some or the other character in these sitcoms. There is something incorrigibly appealing about these shows that get us hooked on to them and cause guilty hours of binge-watching pleasure. Undoubtedly there is a lot of effort put in to make the situations, characters, and plot as close as possible to reality, but let’s be honest – these sitcoms, in reality, would be wicked! Don’t get me wrong – but amidst the subtle humor and heart-wrenching emotions, there are quite a few things that would definitely be quite different in reality.

#1. Home Improvement – Tim Taylor would have lost a few fingers or maybe a hand! C’mon! No one can be that careless around a chainsaw and still not get hurt.

#2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Ross might be the lobster for Rachel in the series, but in reality, most probably everyone would avoid him. He was weird in too many different levels and maybe arguably Russ was better.
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#3. HIMYM – Ted Mosby’s children would be so bored somewhere during the first few episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” that they would stop listening to the story any further.

#4. Two & A Half Men – With a new woman every night, in reality, Charlie Harper seems like a guy who would have around 8-10 illegitimate kids.
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#5. Everybody Loves Raymond – But in reality, not many would. With his incessant childish behavior, Deborah would have given up long before 9 years.


#6. The Office – Michael Scott in real life would get fired faster than a blink. There are hundreds of potential lawsuits if what’s shown in the series were to be real.


#7. Seinfeld – Irrespective of how hilarious a neighbor Kramer is, in reality, Seinfeld would not have tolerated Kramer at all for long.


#8. Cheers – Norm Peterson with his “healthy” diet of bar nuts and unending pints of beer would have caught an alcohol-induced ailment sooner or later.
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#9. Parks & Recreation – Ron Swanson would be a pot-bellied man who would have had a heart-attack by now given the enormous amounts of bacon he had.

#10. All In The Family – With that many fights, Mike and Archie would easily get into an act of physical aggression in public.
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#11. Cheers & Frasier – In real life, Frasier Crane would have definitely found out he is adopted.
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#12. Full House – There would come a time in the life of Danny Tanner in reality where he would shout out “My House” and kick out Rebecca and Jesse or maybe even Joey! They give new dimensions to the term leaching off someone.

#13. The Big Bang Theory – It would take only a matter of days for people to put Sheldon Cooper where he belongs – A psychiatric ward. There is something uncannily wrong with that man and in reality, it wouldn’t be so funny.
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