26 Epic Expectation vs. Reality Pictures For Your Daily Dose Of Humor


Expectations are a tricky thing. How many times have you ordered food based on how amazing it looks on an advertisement or tv? How many times have you tried out a new product because of its excellent marketing strategy? How many times have you tried to make something on your own following an “easy” DIY technique online? And honestly, how many times have you had reality slap hard across your face and shatter your expectations that you had so carefully built up? It has happened to all of us and irrespective of how careful or cautious we are – reality creeps up on us and brings down our expectations in the most bizarre situations. We bring you some hilarious expectations vs. reality pictures because somewhere deep inside you know this has happened to you too. Scroll through and have a good laugh!.

1. When the tweety bird candy you bought has a face that shows how badly reality can ruin your expectations.Tweety isn’t looking very chirpy or upbeat, to say the least.
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2. When you order that foot-long sandwich and expect it to look just as it is advertised. And then this is what you get instead! Disappointment served on a plate.

3. Getting inked is like a style statement. Imagine walking into a tattoo parlor with high hopes, and then the tattoo artist turns out to be an amateur! This slap of reality is so brutal that it leaves a permanent mark!

4. Remember the time when you were planning your summer vacation and had imagined you would meet the girl of your dreams soon. You had set your relationship goals of traveling to some exotic location with your girlfriend – But here’s what your harsh reality was instead!

5. We all make plans in advance for the coming weekend. We decide to deal with some chores and be the responsible man for a change. By the time weekend arrives, we are so exhausted from working the entire week that all our plans go out of the window. This is a perfect example of expectation vs. reality when it comes to weekend plans.

6. Ordering clothes online has failed us all some day or the other. Remember that one thing you bought online because it looked so amazing on the model. And then when you finally wore it, you knew how the only place that dress belongs is somewhere well hidden in your wardrobe. It never saw the light of the day again. Here’s to all those long-forgotten and ignored dresses.

7. Get a cat they said! It will be Fun they said! All of you who have a cat will be able to relate. Cats might look cute and cuddly, or so you would expect them to be. But this is how it is to really have one around you.

8. When you book a flight, you have expectations – it is absolutely natural. But one would think how amazing services were once upon a time, so it must be a luxurious affair if you’re traveling by flight. Well, then reality comes knocking and this is the best you get these days for traveling by air.8via

9. Who doesn’t like their picture clicked. But how often have you found out that no matter how gorgeous you think you are looking while smiling for the camera, the results are as disastrous as shown here. Reality comes and pokes you in the eye to shatter all expectations about how beautiful your smile looks on camera.

10. To keep up with the current trends in our society, proper grooming is crucial. Your every visit to the barber shop calls for legendary barbar skills to meet your expectations. Unsurprisingly, most attempts are wasted and you end up with a weird look which you have to put up with for a while till your hair grows out.

11. Halloween decorations look amazing and are an essential part of the celebration. Most of us try our hands at carving out the perfect figures from pumpkins and many of us, well, overestimate our skills. Here is a prime example of expectation vs. reality when a certain someone took in his hands the daunty task of carving out pumpkins for halloween decorations.11via

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12. Accidental damages happen – and it is completely okay. Covering up those damages with your artistic skills are one thing, and actually trying to infuse the damage to showcase your skills is a completely different ball game. This person had weird expectations when he thought he was “decorating” his iPhone. Reality said Nope!


13. Physical fitness and having a chiselled body are amongst the top priorities of most youngsters! And that’s a great thing. When you sign up at the new gym you have certain goals to achieve and certain expectations to meet. Reality, though, is very very different.15via

14. Vacations and road trips are something we all eagerly wait for. Who wouldn’t love to embark on an adventure ride all by themselves or spend a few days lazily roaming around and exploring new places? But you know where the real adventure is? Packing all that you need for the trip into bags and then packing those bags into the car. You would expect a neatly arranged pile of luggage, but here is what it really is like!16via

15. The relationship between man and his mustache is a sensitive one. But just like in life, some of you remain forever alone (no hard feelings), some of you go through similar disappointments when it comes to facial hair. We are talking about those certain men who try to grow a stache and expect to look all macho and rugged, whereas in reality, they just end up looking funny with their barely noticeable mustache! Brutal, simply brutal!17via

16. Headwraps are trendy hair accessories – for those who can carry it off. Headwraps may look awesome in an advertisement or on a model ‘specifically’ decked up to compliment the accessory. But more often than not, when you try to catch up on trends, you fail miserably. You expect to look like a model with a perfect headwrap but this is how you end up looking instead.18via

17. Admit it! We all have that one photo-id that we are ashamed to show in public. No matter how well we posed for it, and even though we can swear we looked great, it turned out plain simple ugly! Expectation vs. reality takes a harsh turn when it comes to photo IDs. 19via

18. Movies and television advertisements raise our expectations to such drastic heights that the fall back to reality is really hard-hitting. There are women who think having wet hair and a mental image of how amazing they are looking is not just an expectation of their creative mind, but actually a reality! But is it though?20via

19. Same goes for beach modelling. The actual modelling photoshoots are done by professionals and with implementation of various reality-altering methods. Women expect the same outcome when they are trying to pose like a playboy model in a beach but sooner or later the waves of reality (or sea) thrashes them back to their senses.21via

20. Silver screen makes everyone look so beautiful when napping. But in reality, no one looks like dolled up beauty paegents while sleeping. Here is a close to perfect depiction of how you think you look while napping and how you actually look.

21.  The scenario is not much different when it comes to people who expect sharing a bed with their furry friends will be a piece of cake. You might think its all cuddles and fun, but in reality this is what happens! Brace yourself if you are planning to get a pet soon.23via

22. Disappointments are tragic when it comes to expectation vs. reality in terms of food. And somehow, in this field, Burger King has set a trailblazing expertise. Just look at what they promise to give you (via advertisement) and what they actually serve you in reality. Talk about disappointment served on a platter!26via

23. Watching women playing sports usually etches a vivid fantasy in every man’s mind. But have you ever watched women’s sports on television or live? It’s a gruesome battle of skill mixed with ego and has nothing to remotely do with beauty or looking sexy. It’s a sport after all, not a modelling shoot like we imagine it to be usually. Expectation vs. reality 101 guys!

24. Men and their creative minds are boundless, but it doesn’t beat women and their expectations about how they look in certain scenarios! Imagine coming out of a pool after a swim for an instance – Women think they look like those gorgeous supermodels who have their own swag way of exiting a pool. Reality? Well, we all know how we climb out of a pool ladies, don’t we?

25. Beaches are synonymous with sand castles. We often bump into awesome sculptures made out of just sand while strolling along beaches. And let’s admit it, we have tried our hand at building our own sand castles numerous times! Except, expectations were shattered and the harsh reality was exposed soon after the waves washed away our not so mentionable creations!35via

26. We all love blowing these bubbles and irrespective of our age, we would never shy away from trying to blow a big bubble given a choice. We do expect to blow a perfect soapy bubble and somehow all we end up doing is bursting the bubble of our expectations. Expectation vs. reality at its level best.36via