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Amazing Unknown Facts About Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock

13. His skills don’t end at just wrestling and acting. Dwayne was a football player through school and college. He joined the University of Miami on a football scholarship and graduated a degree in criminology and physiology. And you thought the neighbor’s son was well accomplished.
14. He moved a lot while growing up. He lived in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and even New Zealand and finally Miami where he attended college.
15. And finally, he smashed records in Hollywood, becoming the highest-earning actor in 2013 and his movie “The Fast & The Furious 6” becoming the fastest to reach $500 million worldwide in the history of Universal Studios.



Bonus tidbit: Dwayne Johnson almost played Johnny Bravo in the live action adaptation of the 90s cartoon by the same name. Imagine the Rock saying, “MAN; I’m PRETTY.” We are sad.


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