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Amazing Unknown Facts About Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock

10. With his heavy build and a 6.5 feet frame, Dwayne needs an enormous amount of food just to be in shape. His diet for the movie Hercules consisted of 10 pounds of food in weight.To put things into
perspective, the Rock intakes about 5000 calories a day while the average human needs 2000.
11. If you think that the Rock does all his stunts, you are wrong. (Not to discredit him, but who would want to harm that god-like figure). His cousin Tanoai Reed does most of his stunts. With Tanoai looking a lot like his cousin, no wonder the stunts look more authentic and credible.
12. Dwayne Johnson is afraid of spiders. When you thought nothing could scare the 6 foot 5 ROCK you were wrong. He is quite open about his arachnophobia and has discussed the issue without shame in many interviews. Mad respect.



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