This Is Why Airplane Seats Must Be Upright During Landing Or Takeoff


Airplanes have intricate detailing brought about by genius masterminds of science to ensure safety and best functionality for air travel. You must have read about how the tiny holes in airplane windows are crucial in maintaining air pressure? Why do we need to close window blinds during a flight? Do questions like these tickle your curious mind and are you usually interested in knowing these amazing reasons and functions of tiny little aspects of an airplane? This article is going to satiate your knowledge about another such perplexing question – Why is it necessary for airplane seats to be in an upright position while the plane is taking off or landing? Read on!

This is the upright seat position which is absolutely necessary while the plane is taking off!


The keyword here is – safety! Airplane seats are necessary to be kept in an upright position to ensure maximum safety of the passengers during landing and take off. These are the two times during a flight when there might be the possibility of technical problems and jerking. Seats in this positions maintains the safety protocol.


If the seats are reclined back, they are unlocked. Whereas, seats in upright position are locked. This is crucial because the impact during landing or the force of thrust during take-off exerts a considerable amount of force or jerk and might potentially injure a passenger if the seat is unlocked.



Another important reason for the seat position, particularly during landing and take-off is for safe passage of passengers. In the case of an emergency, seats in an upright position provide more legroom and space for passengers to quickly and safely exit the airplane without creating a panic or chaos.


A very important thing to keep in mind is that the seats of an airplane are extensively tested in various simulated situations. This is to ensure passenger safety in case of an emergency landing, turbulence or a crash situation. Needless to say, seats in an upright position are beneficial in such extreme situations and chances of survival are drastically improved.


The science well-explained in this picture shows how upright position is much better as the center of body weight moves towards lower back. In the case of a reclined position, the body weight moves up considerably to upper or mid-back thus deteriorating the situation for people with back pain or sciatic pain. An upright seat provides the best angle of recline in general.


For very similar reasons, upright position is said to be the best for ‘bracing’ during turbulence or for unfortunate crash scenario. Bracing properly is extremely important and with the seats reclined, its of no use. Taking off and landing are the most susceptible times for such turbulence or accidents and thus seats are mandatorily needed to be kept in an upright position during the same.