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A Cool DIY Hack to Light Up the Apple Logo in your iPhone Just Like Macbook

  • Remove the battery: Battery in your iPhone 6 is actually glued in position, so don’t try to use any sharp objects to try and remove the battery. You might end up puncturing it or damage it irreversibly. Use the black flaps at the bottom and the pry tool to gently lift the battery off its position and remove it. You can also blow dry the device from the back, but not too much. The heat will loosen the glue and help you take it out easily.13source




  • Removing the logo: Once the battery is out of the case, you will find a small metal sheet held by black tapes. This is the Apple logo. Carefully, with the help of a pick and the pry tool, peel off both the tapes but don’t discard. Then using the tool gently keep prying the edges slowly – gradually the sheet with the logo will come off. Keep this away in case you want to install this again in the future.


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