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A Cool DIY Hack to Light Up the Apple Logo in your iPhone Just Like Macbook

  • Screen plate: You will notice that the cables which are holding the screen to the motherboard are secured under a metal plate. To completely detach the screen, just open the 5 screws holding the metal plate in place and gently disconnect the cables. This is optional and if you choose to let this be while you change the logo, ensure you hold the screen at a 90-degree angle properly throughout the procedure.7source



  • Keep the screws safe: All the screws you are dealing with are unique and are different in size or shape from each other even if it is negligible. It is a good idea to keep the metal plates and its respective screws separately as a set on white paper so that you don’t lose them accidentally.
  • Removing the battery plate: You can easily notice that the cable from the battery is secured to a metal plate just like the screen cables. Before trying to remove the battery, unscrew this plate and detach the cables carefully.


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