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A Cool DIY Hack to Light Up the Apple Logo in your iPhone Just Like Macbook

If you are an iPhone user or use any of the Apple gadgets, in all probabilities it is not the only Apple product you use. Apple is a tech giant which manufactures devices and products which very much resemble each other except for the difference in size and functionality. The basic aesthetics or most Apple devices are similar and if you have used more than the one you must have noticed how your two different gadgets visually look like two different size versions of the same model.
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There is, however, a minute difference but a cool one nevertheless when we compare any other Apple products to the MacBook. All Apple devices are incorporated with the Apple logo engraved on the rear end of the device but for any of the MacBook viz. MacBook Air, iMac and Prime, this logo lights up on logging into the device. Any other Apple device lacks this negligible but cool feature. The founder of Unlockr, David Cogen has found an effective hack for this feature and we will discuss the step by step tutorial of the same in this article. David has come up with this tutorial to enhance your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 plus by adding this cool illuminated logo feature just like the MacBook range. This tutorial will, unfortunately, be applicable for only these two variants of iPhone as of now. So without further delay, let’s take a look at how you can bring about this amazing transformation at home.


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Warranty Hassle

Before opening up your iPhone, remember that doing so will void any kind of warranty for the handset. So proceed to next step with care and caution. However, for handsets which are older than a year, the warranty period has anyway lapsed – so for those handsets, one is free to try this out without any risks or hassle.
Also, you will need to purchase a light kit which comprises of the Apple led logo, some insulators, connection cables. tape and a tool-kit.



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