A Cool DIY Hack to Light Up the Apple Logo in your iPhone Just Like Macbook

If you are an iPhone user or use any of the Apple gadgets, in all probabilities it is not the only Apple product you use. Apple is a tech giant which manufactures devices and products which very much resemble each other except for the difference in size and functionality. The basic aesthetics or most Apple devices are similar and if you have used more than the one you must have noticed how your two different gadgets visually look like two different size versions of the same model.
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There is, however, a minute difference but a cool one nevertheless when we compare any other Apple products to the MacBook. All Apple devices are incorporated with the Apple logo engraved on the rear end of the device but for any of the MacBook viz. MacBook Air, iMac and Prime, this logo lights up on logging into the device. Any other Apple device lacks this negligible but cool feature. The founder of Unlockr, David Cogen has found an effective hack for this feature and we will discuss the step by step tutorial of the same in this article. David has come up with this tutorial to enhance your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 plus by adding this cool illuminated logo feature just like the MacBook range. This tutorial will, unfortunately, be applicable for only these two variants of iPhone as of now. So without further delay, let’s take a look at how you can bring about this amazing transformation at home.

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Warranty Hassle

Before opening up your iPhone, remember that doing so will void any kind of warranty for the handset. So proceed to next step with care and caution. However, for handsets which are older than a year, the warranty period has anyway lapsed – so for those handsets, one is free to try this out without any risks or hassle.
Also, you will need to purchase a light kit which comprises of the Apple led logo, some insulators, connection cables. tape and a tool-kit.


    1. Turn off Device: Before unscrewing or opening up the case, always remember to complete switch off your device.


  • Unscrew the back plate: A tiny screwdriver is usually provided along with your iPhone kit. Use this to unscrew the small screws to the bottom of your device to open up the plate. The screws are placed right by the charging port on both sides.
  • Detaching the screen: A small suction pump is always provided along with the kit. Place the suction pump on the phone screen side and gently use the prying tool given to detach the screen from the base.


  • A word of caution: Don’t lift the screen upwards, as the top part will still be attached to the motherboard with an electric tape. Pulling it hard will cause it to tear. Gently pull the bottom end up. Remember to pry open the screen only as far as 90 degrees.
  • Screen plate: You will notice that the cables which are holding the screen to the motherboard are secured under a metal plate. To completely detach the screen, just open the 5 screws holding the metal plate in place and gently disconnect the cables. This is optional and if you choose to let this be while you change the logo, ensure you hold the screen at a 90-degree angle properly throughout the procedure.7source


  • Keep the screws safe: All the screws you are dealing with are unique and are different in size or shape from each other even if it is negligible. It is a good idea to keep the metal plates and its respective screws separately as a set on white paper so that you don’t lose them accidentally.
  • Removing the battery plate: You can easily notice that the cable from the battery is secured to a metal plate just like the screen cables. Before trying to remove the battery, unscrew this plate and detach the cables carefully.
  • Remove the battery: Battery in your iPhone 6 is actually glued in position, so don’t try to use any sharp objects to try and remove the battery. You might end up puncturing it or damage it irreversibly. Use the black flaps at the bottom and the pry tool to gently lift the battery off its position and remove it. You can also blow dry the device from the back, but not too much. The heat will loosen the glue and help you take it out easily.13source



  • Removing the logo: Once the battery is out of the case, you will find a small metal sheet held by black tapes. This is the Apple logo. Carefully, with the help of a pick and the pry tool, peel off both the tapes but don’t discard. Then using the tool gently keep prying the edges slowly – gradually the sheet with the logo will come off. Keep this away in case you want to install this again in the future.
  • Install the led logo: Grab the LED logo from the light-kit you purchased and carefully place it over the empty logo on your device casing. Check from the rear end of the device to ensure the new logo snugly fits into place. Once done, secure it with the tapes that you peeled off earlier to keep the logo in position. You can put the battery in place but do not connect it yet.


  • Connecting the screen: There is a small tape sealing 3 metal pins on the lower end of the screen. You will have to scrape this tape off so that the pins are exposed – this is where you will connect the LED strip. This will make your device give that edgy visual look and feel where the Apple logo will lighten up or dim with the screen lighting up or dimming.
  • Setting up LED and screen connection: The tiny foam connection cable provided with the kit is the key to the most intricate part of this tutorial. You have to put the connection cable in perfect alignment to the pins. Just make sure the center pin of the screen connector and the foam are in alignment and the rest will line up.


  • Sealing the connection: Once we have the pins aligned, we take another piece of insulation foam and gently press it sealing the right side of the cable. This will create a proper insulation and remember if at the end of the tutorial the led logo of your Apple device is not lighting up, this is most likely the step you are doing wrong.
  • Putting things back in place: Once the connectors and cable are properly covered and insulated, all you need to do is re-attach the screen cable connecting it to the motherboard and the battery. Carefully attach the cable in their original position and screw the metal plates on top as it was.



  • Finishing things up: There will a small part of the strip attached to the led logo, which might still be jutting out from under the battery. Seal it anywhere on the board using a tape. Press the screen gently back into position and screw it just the way you undid the screws from the bottom of the device.

Now you are all ready to switch on your Apple device and witness its backlit logo lighting up along with the screen. This will give a unique and cool touch to your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and make you stand out. Check out the entire tutorial as explained by David Cogen in this YouTube video.