7 Worst Costume Mistakes In The History Of Movies


More or less every movie you watch has mistakes. While making a movie, one has to keep a track of hundreds of aspects and it is quite natural to skip a few basic details. As a viewer, we are often so engrossed in watching the movie that these tiny things don’t really bug our senses or logical understanding. Some of the worst amongst these are costume mistakes. These happen mostly while trying to artificially portray a whole different era while filming a movie. Let’s take a look at Hollywood’s 7 Worst Costume Mistakes ever!

1. Braveheart

Mel Gibson is seen sporting a kilt throughout the movie. He plays the character of a 13th century Scottish Warrior. Surprisingly, kilts were not popular in Scotland till much later – sometime in the 16th century! Oops!

2. Django Unchained

Jamie Fox who played the character of Django in this famous movie is seen wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses first hit the American market in 1929. Epic movie, but epic costume mistake too!

3. My Girl

The story of this movie is set in 1972. Vada is seen wearing a mood ring, which was first invented in the year 1975! The costume department probably didn’t notice this tiny detail.

4. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade


The Nazi soldiers are shown wearing medals ahead of the time in the movie. The medals that they wore were not awarded to Nazis till the World War II which was a few years later than the plot of the movie.

5. Schindler’s List

One of the greatest cinematic experience – but also a major goof up! Women in the concentration camps are shown to have shaved legs and armpits. Not only was shaving unpopular back then during the 1940s but was also considered to be a great luxury in places like concentration camps.

6. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Amidst all the pirates, there was a cowboy. Oh, wait! There wasn’t one in the plot.  The character that looks like a time-traveller was probably one of the crew members who accidentally got framed in this shot. But the editors couldn’t notice the costume mismatch either!

7. Dirty Dancing

Going by the chic denim shorts, Baby’s fashion sense was probably way ahead of her time. Denim shorts were a thing around the 80s and the movie is set to a time period way before that.7via