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20 Weird But Amazing Beauty Hacks That You Should Try Right Now

Beauty hacks are an everyday thing you hear about often – by word of mouth, from your parents or grandparents and more commonly, online. But amidst the horde of readily available hacks and tips, what’s genuine and what’s not is a difficult guess. Instead of going through an extensive trial and error process, it’s way more convenient to know for sure what works and what doesn’t. We bring you some very useful but equally weird beauty hacks to try. These tips might make you question its authenticity and maybe even cringe a bit – but all of these weird beauty hacks are worth a try.


1. Get rid of Dark Circles

One of the latest beauty hacks making rounds on the Internet gives you a quick and easy remedy to dark circles. If you keep wondering what would be the best way to conceal dark circles, try this cheap but extremely productive trick. Put red or orange lipstick around the area and blend it properly using your fingers. When you use your concealer afterward, you will be amazed by the results. The red-orange lipstick neutralizes the dark patch of skin and helps you cover up quickly.

2. Grey Hair Roots

Do you have graying hair roots? Need a quick fix and don’t have enough time to dye? Don’t worry! We have you covered with one of the best beauty hacks for graying hair. For instant results, use a q-tip or a small brush and dab it into an eyeshadow that matches your hair color. Apply lightly on the hair roots. This is not a permanent hack but will come in extremely handy in emergencies.

3. Static Hair or Flyaways

Static hair or flyaways are annoying but are easily manageable. Whether you possess a dryer or not, buy a bunch of dryer sheets. Rub one against your hair and you will be free to carry any hairstyle without flyaways. Beauty hacks at its best!

4. Longer Eyelashes

There are two extremely productive ways of having longer as well as fuller eyelashes. First, apply a single layer coat of your desired mascara. Then take an eyelash brush and rub it against a cotton ball. Use this brush softly on your lashes and repeat a second coat of mascara. You can visibly see the difference. Alternately, you can use baby powder after each coat of mascara to get better results.

5. Get Rid of Armpit Odor

Your deodorants may fail you but this trick will not. Cut slices of lemon and rub against your armpits for a while to get rid of bad odor. The citric acid in the lemon kills common bacteria and has a long-lasting effect against bad odor. A word of caution, though – Don’t try this method right after shaving! You guessed it right! It will sting terribly.

6. Alternate Conditioner

If you are out of hair conditioner or just need a home remedy for deep conditioning – use mayonnaise. Just use it straight out of your refrigerator, apply it to your hair and let it settle for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off well and use a hair dryer to enhance the rejuvenated feel. This deep conditioning beauty hack might make you want to replace your regular conditioner completely.

7. Best Way to Use Eyeliner

Eyeliners are often difficult to use accurately – they are either flaky, don’t give the desired result, or their dry nature makes it difficult to glide it smoothly. If you often end up making a mess while applying eyeliner – this beauty hack is for you. Either hold your eyeliner pencil near a flame for a while till it almost starts to melt. Let it cool down and be amazed to see how you have made an eyeliner gel which glides smoothly. You can also freeze your eyeliner before using to avoid flaky, broken bits while applying it.

8. Lip Balm for Chapped Lips

We have often heard about the health benefits of green tea. Here is one more. Green tea bags can act as a rich lip balm to smoothen your chapped lips and to keep them soft. Wet the tea bags in water and squeeze out the excess water. Then press the wet green tea bag against your lips for around 10 minutes. You will be surprised how neat this trick is. For those who need to keep a lip balm handy for recurring flaky lips – take a note!

9. Lighter Armpits

Underarms are sensitive zones and tend to darken easily due to some reasons. To easily keep this in check and to lighten the skin tone of your armpits, you can use potato juice. You heard it right! Grate some potatoes and rub against your armpits. Potato juice is mild and has lightening effects on the skin. Use continuously for a couple of weeks to notice visible results. If you have a juicer, you can directly extract juice from the potatoes and apply that.

10. De-pollute Your Hair Using Beer


Beer might leave behind an apparent odor behind. But other than that, it acts as an amazing conditioner for your hair by removing all kinds of pollutant, chemical and dust buildups in your hair. As weird as it might sound, massaging beer to your hair and rinsing it off after letting it sit for five to ten minutes might give you soft, bouncy hair like never before. Apply it to your wet and damp hair right after using shampoo – just like you use your conditioner and get ready to be amazed! These days there are a lot of hair products that are using beer for their effectiveness.

11. Secret to Glowing Skin

Pepto-Bismol is well-known for some purpose including a tighter, glowing skin. No, you don’t have to drink it but instead, apply it on your face like a mask. Let it sit for ten minutes or more and rinse off your face with lukewarm water. You will thank us later.

12. Removing Smudge-Proof Cosmetic

Who doesn’t like a smudge proof lipstick or eyeliner? But the real struggle with it starts once you are back home and trying to remove them. Instead of going for chemical products, try olive oil. Rub olive oil on your lips or eyelids gently for a while and watch your smudge-proof cosmetics wash away without any trouble.

13. Make-Up Remover

Amidst a horde of chemicals available for easy removal of makeup, try this one of the better beauty hacks. Coconut oil has exfoliating nature and helps to remove makeup naturally and quickly. Moreover, it also nourishes the skin and rejuvenates your skin from the drying effects of makeup and other chemical products that you use.

14. Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Activated charcoal works wonders for naturally whitening your teeth. Wet your toothbrush and dab it in some activated charcoal. Brush and scrub your teeth thoroughly for around 5 minutes and rinse your mouth with cold water. No more shying away from the camera! Show off your sparkling smile to the world.

15. Shaving Gel Substitute

A proper conditioner and moisturizer come included within a shaving gel because you need the smooth skin to prevent skin irritation. But what if you run out of your favorite shaving gel but have an emergency outing in hand? Worry not! Grab your hair conditioner for the same effect and to protect your delicate skin from the harshness of a razor.

16. Two in one Eyeliner

In a hurry to go out somewhere? Learn this handy beauty hack where you can use your eyeliner while curling your eyelashes. Apply your desired eyeliner on to your curler and you have the job done in half the time.

17. Exfoliate Your Lips

Another very useful beauty hack. Put some vaseline on your toothbrush and gently scrub your lips. Vaseline exfoliates and softens your lips immensely.

18. Stainless White Teeth

Eating or even rubbing your teeth with strawberries before actually brushing your teeth helps in breaking down plaque and giving you whiter teeth. The acid in the berries removes stains and build-ups thus giving you better oral hygiene.

19. Dry Nail-polish Faster┬átorturous when you have to go out somewhere urgently and yet want your nails coated freshly. To dry nail polish super fast, dip your fingers in cold water right after applying the nail polish. You might wonder why someone would dip their wet nails in water? And how can water help dry faster? But weird as it sounds, it works like a charm! It’s not only an amazing beauty hack but rather a must try!

20. Make Perfume Last Longer

To make the effect of your perfume last long, apply a little vaseline on your pulse spots and then spray your perfume on these spots. Vaseline is an occlusive substance and will help the fragrance last all day long. Try this beauty hack which works way better than applying perfume on bare skin for a hectic day ahead.


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