Things that women do alone and they are so disgusting you you have to see these.


Let’s face it,  women aren’t the easiet creatures on the planet to understand, if not the hardest. Because obviously who in there sane minds would want to pull their hair out agonizingly or go through painfully time consuming and expensive procedures to meet the unrealistic beauty standards and that too willingly.

Every women loves to put on that barbie looking sophisticated face in public but what happens when they are around their own species or in private confinements.

Here is a list of things your girlfriend does when you are not around but would never agree to doing it.

1: The blush brush that hasn’t been washed for ages and has remains of almost every color thay has ever been on your face.


2: Getting rid of those imperfections in public and popping those pimples having no regard to the surrounding.


3. Becoming the shaving creme monster to get rid of all those hair on your body. Could be easily mistaken for the soap lather monster.


4: Holding your “human contents” inside you when your boyfriend is around and pretending you never poop.

This unhealthy practice will lead you to a bad constipation (fair warning).

5: Digging those goldmines believing noone is watching your unlady-like practice.

85020187Hate to break it to you but everyone is watching!

6: Sitting there making funny faces, maneuvering to chew off a certain part of dead skin from your lips.

Yeah we all do it!


7: Accidents happen! Making a Maxi-pad out of toilet paper when you forgot to keep track of your Mother Nature cycles!


Ladies consume the most toilet paper.

8: You either pee in the shower or you are a liar!

Everybody does it. No judgements.



9: Putting on a small cloths and stretching it all day.


10:  Testing if you can wear your clothes again with your fool proof stink test.
Sniff it and no one would be the wiser!


11:  Wearing the same undergarments day in and day out.
Do you have that collection of lingerie for the museum woman!

12: Picking on your ingrown hair.

Gross, Painful, yet so satisfying!

13: Taking you bag inside the toilet and putting it on the floor.

Some hygiene goals!

14: Pulling out you eyelashes completely in a sad attempt to curl eyelashes!

Curse you eyelash curler!

15: Having secret hiding places for your valuables!

Oh yeah! My cash has seen lands you never will.


16: Going a bit overboard with the whole eyebrow plucking ordeal!


17: Wiping off under-boob sweat

Of course it sweats there! Gotta beat the heat somehow.

18: Taking a sneak peek of a fellow woman’s treasure.

Not the proudest of things to admit.

19:  Admiring yourself with self-satisfying selfies

Gotta feed that ego something to feast upon.

20: Consuming unfathomable amount of sweets in that time of the month.

You are no less than a monster that period.