20 Absolutely Incredible Secrets About Kaley Cuoco


The hot and dashing Kaley Cuoco aka Penny on Big Bang Theory is a woman both rich in style statement and personality. An American, she has become famous for her evergreen roles in 8 Simple Rules, Charms and most importantly, The Big Bang Theory.  She has 26 movies to her credit and numerous awards and accolades including a Hollywood Walk Of Fame. But how much do you actually know about her? We have some amazing and absolutely stunning facts which will definitely blow your mind. Read on!


  1. Men! A little heads up for you -If you ever intend to woo Kaley or imagine dating her someday, take note. She is bold and extremely dominant in a relationship. She feels that the opposite sex is intimidated by her. So, don’t mind if she bosses you around a bit because…well…it’s Kaley.


2. Women have often wondered how Kaley Cuoco ends up having such a perfectly toned figure. So ladies listen up! Her personal gym trainer George C. King has leaked some secrets. He says that Kaley does really intense workouts up to thrice a week for one and a half hours! Those abs didn’t come easy.


3. Did you know that Kaley was home schooled? And something even huge is she had received her high school diploma at the age of 16! Can you believe that? She is among the band of those genius celebrities who has been able to balance academics with everything. A beauty with brains!


4. It might be unbelievable, but Kaley hates everything about her body! The only thing that she is proud of is her abs. She is comfortable being naked in private or with friends, but hates to strip down otherwise even when she’s getting waxed! “I would rather stick a pencil in my eyeballs than be naked”, Kaley had once commented.



5. The Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is charming. But did you know Kaley confessed to having a huge crush on him? She prefers guys with a good sense of humour it seems. As her ideal man, she wants the guy to be funny but not funnier than her. Men, is it too much to ask for?


6. A very interesting fact about her is she is a very good tennis player. She has shared that her relationship with tennis has been pretty long and in fact, she has been playing it since the age of 3! Kaley holds a rank of the 54th best tennis player in the whole of Southern California!


7. Watch out, because Kaley is a woman of numerous talents! Other than being a tennis player, she is also a drummer. She had once told a reporter that drumming was something which helped calm herself down and also helps her cope up with stress.



8. Kaley is an enthusiastic horseback rider and she has been in this sport since the age of 15. She even has a horse called Bojangles. Once, she posted a picture of her horse and her “boyfriend” Karl Cook and had funnily commented about how she is confused whom she will miss more. Adorable, don’t you think?


9. According to her, the first episode of The Big Bang Theory, the funny sitcom that had started way back in 2007, had been a huge flop. She had confessed in a reality show that she hated it so much, she even expected the episode to be deleted! Can anyone agree with her more? She even thought the show would be dropped after the first season but history speaks otherwise!


10. Strawberry and whipped cream fanatics, heads up! The hot Big Bang Theory actress is a huge fan too. She thinks that whipped cream goes with everything, such is her love for it. “Whipped cream can go anywhere and end up anywhere,” she strongly believes!



11. This might scare you a bit, but Kaley survived a nasty fall during a horse riding at the age of 25. Her leg was broken and she had to miss two episodes of The Big Bang Theory due to the accident. For the following two seasons, the director had to work really hard to cover her injuries on set!



12. While she was in the hospital, she and her then-boyfriend Christopher French of the band Annie Automatic composed and sang the beautiful number “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. They both are big time animal lovers and ended up recording their song to animal adoption for the Human society of United States.


13. John Ritter was her co-actor in the television sitcom 8 Simple rules. She had once said Three’s company was her favorite classic television show. It must have been a huge honor for her to work with the legend. His death has been the biggest loss in her life.



14. Another vital tidbit about her is that she was not the first choice for the female lead in The Big Bang Theory. The lead role of Penny was supposed to be played by Amanda Walsh, the talented Canadian actress. But, the episode where she acted out the role, was rejected and Cuoco got roped in for the main character instead.

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15. She had confessed to getting a boob-job done when she was 18. She had admitted on a talk-show that it had been one of the best decisions that she had ever made. Before the surgery, she used to feel dis-proportioned but now, she feels that her confidence has increased a lot.

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16. Kaley has always maintained that the school prom which she had attended after being invited by her friend Ashley Tisdale, is the worst night of her life. She has always been bullied and treated like an outcast in school life for her acting career in early life. At the prom, she ended up getting bullied by Tisdale’s schoolmates thus spoiling the night completely for her.

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17. Kaley Cuoco is a very private person when it comes to her relationships. She has dated many Hollywood hotties starting from the Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, Kevin Zegers to her The Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki. Her courtship with Galecki was so private that even their co-stars had no clue they were dating till later. Even though their relationship did not last long, they have been friends ever since. Sweet, don’t you think?


18.Being an avid tennis player herself, it wasn’t much of a shock when she married the professional tennis star Ryan Sweeting after just 3 months of dating. They got married on 31st December 2013 with a whirlwind of style and glamour – New Year’s Eve after all! But sadly, this union didn’t last long and the relationship mutually ended in divorce on 6th May 2016.

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19.Her history with tattoos is pretty interesting. She got her marriage date with Sweeting tattooed on her back. After the infamous divorce with Sweeting, Cuoco got it covered with the tattoo of a moth. On her lower back, she has the symbol of faith inked.

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20. Kaley was supposed to give a guest appearance on the hugely popular TV series The Grey’s Anatomy on the Season 5 finale. It was a complete hush-hush news and her role was even not given out. When confronted, a bewildered Kaley had said: “I have no clue what I’m doing.” Eventually, she couldn’t end up doing it.

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