20 Absolutely Incredible Secrets About Kaley Cuoco

The hot and dashing Kaley Cuoco aka Penny on Big Bang Theory is a woman both rich in style statement and personality. An American, she has become famous for her evergreen roles in 8 Simple Rules, Charms and most importantly, The Big Bang Theory.  She has 26 movies to her credit and numerous awards and accolades including a Hollywood Walk Of Fame. But how much do you actually know about her? We have some amazing and absolutely stunning facts which will definitely blow your mind. Read on!



1. Men! A little heads up for you -If you ever intend to woo Kaley or imagine dating her someday, take note. She is bold and extremely dominant in a relationship. She feels that the opposite sex is intimidated by her. So, don’t mind if she bosses you around a bit because…well…it’s Kaley.

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2. Women have often wondered how Kaley Cuoco ends up having such a perfectly toned figure. So ladies listen up! Her personal gym trainer George C. King has leaked some secrets. He says that Kaley does really intense workouts up to thrice a week for one and a half hours! Those abs didn’t come easy.

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3. Did you know that Kaley was home schooled? And something even huge is she had received her high school diploma at the age of 16! Can you believe that? She is among the band of those genius celebrities who has been able to balance academics with everything. A beauty with brains!

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