18 Real Reasons For Drooping Out Your Holiday Plan From Going To Australia.


Australia might just be the only place on Earth with more dangerous things than actual people who could be in danger. But it’s not just about the spiders and bloodthirsty koalas, although those are certainly a threat as well.

And there’s so much more that you need to watch out for in the land down under. Be sure before getting started. And trust me, it’s never late to cancel and plan a new holiday trip.

  1. Can you ever think a bird being so deadly? Of course not, after all, we are not living in dinosaurs era anymore but seems like Australia hasn’t come out of it yet.


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2. I swear if ever I go to Australia I’ll nor eat nor drink. And take packets of Pampers and Huggies.

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3. For me, koala’s can never be cute anymore, or at least ill never want to have one after seeing this picture.

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4. OMG, Godzilla is real and it still exists, that too not far away into the jungles but you can spot them anywhere in Australia.

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5. This is getting out of hand. Don’t you think so?

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6. Have you ever thought about pythons eating the bat? Scary right?

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7. Australia is home to snake like earthworms, I’ll never plan out to go there, even in my wildest dreams.

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8. Guess, there is something wrong with the ecosystem of Australia, or else a spider murdering a snake is almost impossible.

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9. Even if you are going to Australia, never step into the waters, even you can get a typical sting from a box jellyfish.


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10. If this is just as an average apocalyptic storm, then I wonder what real ones would be like.

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11. OMG, I thought it was some kind of rock structure but after close examination, I found it is an Arnold Sheepzenegger.

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12. Forget about the goons or dacoits, the birds here are enough to mock you down.

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13. Yew, you will find millipedes everywhere.

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14. So there is something dangerous stored for you even in the snooker house. But what?

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15. You think you are going to be safe while in you fly, then my dear have a close look, they are everywhere.

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16. OMG, this snake can even lift a kangaroo. I guess we human beings shouldn’t even step there.

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17. I still can’t think of it to be real, but it is. Is this the Land Before Time or what?

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18. WOW, he can gulp you down in one shot.

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After all, this if you would still wish to go? Then do look for your safety measure.