17 Spouses Who Are Much More Embarrassing Than Yours


Married life brings about a lot of changes in every individual’s life! What’s most noticeable is how different things are from when people are dating. With passing years, married life for most becomes somewhat monotonous and to some extent boring. Some goofy people love to keep the spice in the marriage alive by being their silliest best. Being able to bring a smile on your beloved’s face or making them go into a fit of laughter is sometimes enough to bring the joy back in your life. But more often than not, in doing so, they end up embarrassing their partner majorly – oh yes! It’s so much worse when that happens in public. Here’s celebrating all those goofballs and extremely embarrassing spouses who will make you laugh out loud.

1. Who wears the pants in this family?1via

2. He’s a first-time father after all! Cut him some slack.2via


3. This is why some husbands are banned from the kitchen sh’elf’!3via

4. Don’t blame the man who asked this gynaecologist if he was a Texas Longhorns fan!4via

5. Tired of trying to remember why his wife keeps shedding tears, a husband thought the best way is to jot down reasons every time his wife cried. 5via


6. Royal goofiness! When the man in that uniform is actually your husband! The Queen is visibly amused if not embarrassed.6via

7. A wife told her husband to wear this item first if he wanted her to wear it too! Bazinga! Check and Mate, eh?7via

8. A wife heard her husband asking their dog to stay still. Walking into the kitchen, this is what welcomed her!8via



9. We can’t blame the lady, can we? But nevertheless, neat creativity there man!9via

10. The scene that welcomed a wife when she walked into her husband’s home office.10via

11. An attentive dad playing with her daughter. Baby toys are distracting – aren’t they?11via


12. By the looks of it, this probably isn’t the first time the pug is filling in for the husband.12via

13. A wife’s first bite into Babybels! Need I say more?13via

14. It’s embarrassing when the one more excited to see a Lego-land rhinoceros is your spouse and not your kid. 14via


15. This lady’s husband got her a special tee for the times when she goes sporting.15via

16. A man wanted to put this up as his wife’s display picture! No wonder she was pissed.16via


17. One of the “burying my face in my hands” kind of embarrassment!17via