16 Funniest Moms On Internet Who Are Just The Best

We all agree on the fact that mums have this weird inexplicable sense of humour through which she makes our life as sweet as sugar. No kidding (yes, mom I said what you asked me to). She is like a superwoman doing everything with a snap of her finger. Not literally but it sure feels like it.

Here comes a compilation of 16 mothers who absolutely nailed the art of being hilarious. Their timing could not have been more perfect.

1: No, mom. No.



2: When mom tells you the truth you have been denying all your life.


3: When she decides to be the kid in the family.


4: You have been warned.

5: Yes, she said it.


6: “Make me famous, son. Make me famous.”

7: Check it right now or you might face consequences.


8: Stop moving so that I can take the pictures.

9: Your mom is completely dope.


10: Here it goes scary

11: To be very precise.


12: She is the funniest.

13: Smile for the camera, people.

14: “Mom didn’t mean it. Mom had no choice. Okay, maybe she did.”


: Mom please stop