17 Diagrams That Make Gardening So Much Easier


Who doesn’t love a beautiful gardens? Well they are a pretty sight to look at and admire certainly. But when it comes to creating your garden,… we know it sounds exciting, but then is the ground reality of it that exciting?

One may imagine themselves amidst a beautiful garden created by their own efforts, but if we rewind a bit then creating a garden is synonymous getting your hands muddy, watering the plants regularly, taking care of the pests and insects, standing by the sick ones, saving the ones not able to keep up… and so on..

We don;t deny that it will make you happy, but hey, there’s no ignoring that there will be tears too.

And to save you all the tears… we are here with the best gardening tips and tricks in the market

1) This one is for the beginners. The safest way to start your own garden



2) Now that we know which are the ‘safe’ plant, lets drill some real deals! ….



3) This one is for the health conscious newbies.. This will make sure you always have some healthy truly ‘homemade’ salad to munch on!




4) Mulch… Yukk?? Nah.. Mulch! Yay!! Be reayd to be the “Mulch- (Wo)Man” !



5) Well if you think all that was enough, then we have some news for you! Plants are much more choosy about the ‘lime light’ .. Nothing less than a celebrity !



6) We know this is the one you were really waiting for… !!:D



7) What’s your ‘herb’ story? Nothing better than home grown herbs!!




8) And to complement with a “cherry on the top” here’s how you can have our own raised bed.. Mind it! Do not doze off by bed we mean.. Strictly for gardening.. ! 🙂

raised bed


9) Wait! We won’t let you rest yet.. Get back to work .. 😛 And this is seemingly the most important part. Playing the bodyguard !


natural spray


10) Don’t you love to get a new look or a complete makeover?! Why should humans have all the fun?

Hey ! Plants need repotting too!



11) Some love it ‘dark’. The answer is not always ‘vampires & werewolves’ ! Grow Up!

So as not to waste those shady spots, here are some veggies that don’t mind growing in the dark.



12) Here’s the much awaited ‘when to plant’? Monthly plan.. !!



13)And if that was not enough for the ‘perfectionist’ in you ! We are smarter.. Here’s releasing the annual schedule too !



14) You may want to start of the year with these fantabulous  ‘save seed’ tips! don;t mistake it to be the ‘Anti- Monsanto’ movement. this is just for the newbies!



15) Nature has some magic tricks up its sleeves 🙂  



16) The ‘why’ of it ! For every question, we have just the most convincing answer… No! we do not give relationship tips!



17)  Are you in love? …. Oops! We meant in love with flowers.. and that too edible ones? A gift from us ..

Keep coming back 🙂

edible flowers



So get-set-ready to set up and flaunt your own garden !!