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16 Everyday Things And Their Uses You Had No Clue About

10. We all know that pasta spoons come with a hole in the centre to drain out the excess water from the pasta or spaghetti. But did you know it serves another major function? It shows the approximate measurement of one serving – it is the standard amount for one person. Next time you have to cook pasta and don’t know how much to cook, remember this nifty hack – fit in as many strands as you can in the hole and you have got the required amount good enough for one person.



11. The rugged edge of your everyday tape is present to demarcate your measurement point. It is obvious for most of you as you know its use, but for the ones who didn’t know this – you learnt something new today!

12. Have you ever found out a tiny little piece of extra fabric on your newly bought clothes? This sample piece is provided for you to check how the material of the fabric reacts to different laundry detergents so that you can be sure beforehand. So many clothes you can save from getting ruined!


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