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16 Everyday Things And Their Uses You Had No Clue About

4. This is a small hack known by many of us! Lucky day for those who didn’t already know this. Many tubes and containers have a pointed spike in the center of their lids. This is to make it extremely convenient to perforate the protective foil. Just open the lid, turn it around with the spike facing the foil and push it down!


5. We have all noticed these tiny little bumps on the alphabets J and F. The reasons why there are the bumps is that, during 10-finger typing, these bumps help you locate the position of your index fingers. With the help of these, you can trace your way back to your home position without even having to glance down towards the keyboard. This helps you type faster and efficiently without having to blink away from the screen.


6. Apple power cables come with little wings attached. You thought it was just to beautify the product? Nope! They serve a very nifty purpose of wrapping the thinner cables across the thicker parts and these wings can be turned upside. These basically help to keep your cables from unravelling. Neat, isn’t it?


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