16 Everyday Things And Their Uses You Had No Clue About


Only an irrationally curious person would actually ponder over the things we are going to talk about. There are many everyday things we use all the time which have tiny bumps, holes or demarcations which serve a major purpose – but we never thought much about it. Knowing these little things can come in pretty handy – consider them like small life hacks which you are just about to discover! Without much delay, let’s take a look at 16 everyday things and their uses which usually people pass off without noticing or thinking much about.

1. We have all noticed the opening at the top of pen caps. On contrary to popular beliefs, it is not present to prevent the ink of the pen from drying out. Rather, it serves a way bigger function particularly beneficial for those who love mutilating pen caps with their teeth. In the very unlikely event of a kid or maybe an embarrassed adult choking on the pen cap, the holes provide feasibility of air passage to reduce the risk of choking.

2. You must have noticed all your cooking pots have a hole towards the end of the handle. That is not just there for decoration – it serves as a holder for your ladle or spoon. So, next time you are cooking up something delicious, make sure you use this little hack like a boss!

3. The little discs under the caps of every soda bottle are present to keep the fizz contained. It is these discs that maintain the carbonation in the liquid and the lack of them would make the soda go flat in no time.

4. This is a small hack known by many of us! Lucky day for those who didn’t already know this. Many tubes and containers have a pointed spike in the center of their lids. This is to make it extremely convenient to perforate the protective foil. Just open the lid, turn it around with the spike facing the foil and push it down!

5. We have all noticed these tiny little bumps on the alphabets J and F. The reasons why there are the bumps is that, during 10-finger typing, these bumps help you locate the position of your index fingers. With the help of these, you can trace your way back to your home position without even having to glance down towards the keyboard. This helps you type faster and efficiently without having to blink away from the screen.

6. Apple power cables come with little wings attached. You thought it was just to beautify the product? Nope! They serve a very nifty purpose of wrapping the thinner cables across the thicker parts and these wings can be turned upside. These basically help to keep your cables from unravelling. Neat, isn’t it?

7. The lid of Tic Tacs can be flipped open to reveal an indentation. This is not for decorative purpose. For those of you who don’t like to munch on a handful of Tic Tacs at once, this indentation serves as a dispenser. You can use it to hold and eat one Tic Tac at a time.

8. The hole present at the bottom of locks is there to drain out water – thus making locks efficient for outdoor use and is safe even if exposed to heavy amounts of water. Moreover, for old locks or ones that are tight and jammed, you can pour in a little oil in these holes to grease the mechanism inside and smoothen up the gears for better functioning.


9. The gas gauge on the dashboard of your car has a little arrow on its side. Ever wondered what it signifies? The arrow points towards the side of your car that has the gas cap.

10. We all know that pasta spoons come with a hole in the centre to drain out the excess water from the pasta or spaghetti. But did you know it serves another major function? It shows the approximate measurement of one serving – it is the standard amount for one person. Next time you have to cook pasta and don’t know how much to cook, remember this nifty hack – fit in as many strands as you can in the hole and you have got the required amount good enough for one person.

11. The rugged edge of your everyday tape is present to demarcate your measurement point. It is obvious for most of you as you know its use, but for the ones who didn’t know this – you learnt something new today!

12. Have you ever found out a tiny little piece of extra fabric on your newly bought clothes? This sample piece is provided for you to check how the material of the fabric reacts to different laundry detergents so that you can be sure beforehand. So many clothes you can save from getting ruined!

13. The small tab that opens the can of soda serves a dual purpose acting as a straw holder. Refer to the picture shown and you can enjoy your drink next time without having the straw swiveling all around.

14. Have you ever noticed a very tiny hole in airplane windows? Ever been curious as to why they are there? For such a little thing, it serves a life-saving purpose. These tiny holes maintain a steady air-flow and help regulate and stabilize the air-pressure inside the airplane.

15. The dent at the bottom of wine bottles are to commemorate and signify a historic era when wine bottles were made using a pontil and blow pipe. The wine bottles back then were free blown and had a similar punt at the bottom.

16. Converse shoes have a set of holes on their sides too. Most people think it’s for decoration – and we’re not arguing! It does look cool. But they are there to serve a purpose. They maintain a healthy ventilation thus keeping your feet healthy and well, odorless. It is also a popular belief, that since converse shoes were originally crafted for basketball, these holes could have been made to loop laces through them for a tighter, snug fit.