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16 Everyday Things And Their Uses You Had No Clue About

Only an irrationally curious person would actually ponder over the things we are going to talk about. There are many everyday things we use all the time which have tiny bumps, holes or demarcations which serve a major purpose – but we never thought much about it. Knowing these little things can come in pretty handy – consider them like small life hacks which you are just about to discover! Without much delay, let’s take a look at 16 everyday things and their uses which usually people pass off without noticing or thinking much about.


1. We have all noticed the opening at the top of pen caps. On contrary to popular beliefs, it is not present to prevent the ink of the pen from drying out. Rather, it serves a way bigger function particularly beneficial for those who love mutilating pen caps with their teeth. In the very unlikely event of a kid or maybe an embarrassed adult choking on the pen cap, the holes provide feasibility of air passage to reduce the risk of choking.


2. You must have noticed all your cooking pots have a hole towards the end of the handle. That is not just there for decoration – it serves as a holder for your ladle or spoon. So, next time you are cooking up something delicious, make sure you use this little hack like a boss!

3. The little discs under the caps of every soda bottle are present to keep the fizz contained. It is these discs that maintain the carbonation in the liquid and the lack of them would make the soda go flat in no time.


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