16 Celebrity Reincarnations! .. Well Almost!


We all have heard since long that there are at least 7 people in the world who are our look-alikes. Well most of us do not go searching for those. But, this really seems to be a weird co-incidence, in case of these celebrities. It is too weird to be a co-incidence. We found some celebrities who seems to have their look-alikes trace back to the previous century! And what’s creepy is that, former ones were as famous as their later counter-parts or re-incarnations we must say?!

Fasten your seat belts for what is about to be revealed to you is something that fascinates even the mystical lands of rebirth and after-life! Even if you don’t believe in re-incarnation, after this you will definitely give it a second thought!

1) Tommy Lee Jones from ‘Men in Black’ or ‘The Man in Black & White’- the presidential successor of Abraham Lincoln- Andrew Johnson!

tommy lee jones

2) Nicholas Cage.. National Treasure?? Or the ‘treasured incarnation’ of ‘Mr. Nobody’ back in the 1970’s ?

Nic Cage_COMP

3) Maybe the famous Scottish painter of the 1800’s is back as Rupert Grint..

Was it to win back his departed love? the love of ‘Hermoine’ or the love of ‘Art’ ?

rupert grint

4) Wasn’t the 1800’s journalist Carl Adolph Feilberg famous enough, that he had to come back as
John Crasinski ?

john crasinski

5) Was being an English composer and church musician, in the 1500’s, too decent a job for Thomas Tallis, that he had to reincarnate as the most loved pirate of this century- ‘Johnny Depp’ (John Christopher )

johnny depp

7) Justin Timberlake isn’t ‘Just- in’ baby! Maybe there wasn’t enoguh ‘music’ in his past- life ‘role’ as a criminal!

justin timberlake

8) Wait! We are confused ! Is it salute to Marshall Harvey Twitchell, a Union Army Soldier or
Claps for Conan O’Brien’s gigs.. !?

conan o brien

9) Well we know John Brown aimed to abolish slavery. But what is Charlie Sheen doing? Oh he is doing alright!
The real question is what is ‘Charlie Harper’ doing? 😉


charlie sheen

10) No Wonder! You know what we mean, although we don’t mean to be mean.. 🙂
Ellen Degeneres a polymath extraordinaire or Henry David Thoreau the comedian, television host, actress, writer, and television producer. Was his first job that boring? Nah..

ellen degeneres

11) Yeah we agree an actor needs to be a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst! But seriously, has Brad Pitt been taking inspiration from his past life (Hermann Rorschach) back in 1910, or what!

brad pitt

12) How could Jazzy.. oops! Jay-Z could havebeen some unknown man from the 1800’s. We find it hard to believe, do you?

jay z

13) Same goes for John Travolta.. Try to believe it!

john travolta

14) Jimmy Fallon as a Marxist-Leninist and in Mahir Çayan- the revolutionary leader! That’s his pastlife replay or what! Funny or not.. that’s upto you to decide.

jimmy fallon

15) Whatever Chuck Norris and his martial arts did to the legendary painter, Vincent Van Gogh?
Let bygones be bygones ! Atleast we are safe 🙂

chuck norris

16) From being the 1960’s photographer Judy Zipper to the ‘photogenic’ chocolate boy?
We must say this one wins all the chocolates! We mean accolades (:


So that was the reincarnation of the 1800 ‘folks’ to the 20th century ‘dudes’ 🙂

Oh this love story of Tayor Launter and the llama goes a long way back.. ?!?!
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taylor lautner