15 Insane Facts About ‘The Joker’ Played By Heath Ledger


The Joker is one of those trailblazing characters that needs no introduction. From the trendsetting movie ‘The Dark Knight’, this character was iconic and memorable not only to the audience but also to the actor who played it to perfection – Heath Ledger. Most people would unanimously agree that no other actor could play the Joker’s character with such brilliance and given by the effort put in by the entire team, particularly Heath Ledger, it’s not a surprise why! Amidst a lot of controversies and innumerable behind the scene snippets, we bring you 15 of the most insane behind the scene facts about ‘The Joker’.  These will not only blow your mind but will also give you an insight into the efforts that went into shaping up one of the most iconic characters .

#1. Anyone who has seen the movie would agree that The Joker is a character, unlike many others. To get in character and to bring himself to feel the craziness, Heath Ledger locked himself up for around 43 days in a motel room. He spent this time alone with his thoughts and perfected the crazy, psychopathic Joker we see on-screen.

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2. Clockwork Orange is a legendary movie whose main character, Alex DeLarge was played by Malcolm McDowell. The body language and mannerisms are said to be highly influenced by this character from the 1971’s cult classic.
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3. A popular musician Sid Vicious is said to be responsible for influencing the basic looks and appearance of the Joker’s character.
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4. One of the visible mannerisms of the Joker is how often he licks his tongue. That is a natural habit of Heath Ledger but he amplified it greatly to make it a part of the character. This also helped as the voice he did for the character needed him to keep his mouth moist.
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5. Batman or the villain Joker both have been played by several actors time and again. Heath Ledger is the youngest actor to have portrayed this iconic role on-screen and has collected rave reviews for the same. He took the character to heights that much senior actors have failed to in the past.

6. The scars on the Joker’s face are not as per the character in the comics or otherwise. That is an improvised look inspired from the character Gyonplaine, from the novel ‘The Man Who Laughs’ by Victor Hugo.
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7. The Joker is a crazy character and Heath Ledger took it upon himself to do the makeup for the character using nothing but drugstore-makeup. He thought that is what the Joker would do and the make-up team of the movie had the task of replicating that same look every day of shooting.
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8. Joker’s introduction in the movie is via a bank robbery scene where he wears a mask. This mask is very similar to the one worn by Cesar Romero in Batman’s famous TV series back in the 60s.
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9. When The Joker is locked up in the cage and Chief Gordon is promoted, the clapping by the Joker was unscripted. Heath Ledger improvised and Christopher Nolan did not cut the scene. It made to the final cut and gelled perfectly well into the scene.
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10. Even while playing a crazy psychopath, Heath Ledger would skateboard around and do other random things in his full costume. He tried to be himself as much as he could on set and helped other crew and actors relax.
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11. Heath Ledger kept a “Joker’s Diary” with him at all times during filming. It had a bunch of sad and weird ‘Joker-like’ things which he would refer to time to time to get back to the character he was playing.

12. In the hospital explosion scene, the bomb was supposed to go off a little late. But Heath Ledger improvised in the scene and did the mannerisms with the remote control commendably in accordance with the Joker’s character making it an epic scene.
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13. There is a scene where Joker breaks into the Wayne Enterprise’s party to intimidate actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Caine. This was the first time during the filming that the actor’s had seen Heath Ledger in full make-up and were so scared that Maggie could not even look straight at him and Caine had forgotten most of his lines.

14. Heath Ledger initially wanted to be batman when castings were going on, but the role went to Christian Bale. Christopher Nolan, however, had Heath in mind and had immediately cast him for The Joker.
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15. In the confrontation scene, where Batman interrogates Joker, Heath had asked Bale to beat up as hard as he could to achieve a real feel in the scene. Yes folks, the punches thrown in the scene were real and Heath asked for it to get into the crazyness of his character.