15 Innocent Childhood Photos Of The Evilest Men In History


No-one is born evil. None of the infamous and notorious criminals we hear about showed any particular traits from an early age. They were all once innocent little kids unaware of the ghastly sins they would commit later in life. It is a paradox to see images of these ill-famed oppressors, terrorists, and killers alongside their innocent photos from childhood days. It is tough to imagine these vicious killers were once innocent humans just like you or me. But such is the harsh reality! We bring you photographs of some of the evilest men in history and their innocent childhood pictures too. These shocking photos will make you wonder how these once sinless children grew up to leave a harsh and brutal legacy behind.

1. Guess who this is? One of the most infamous serial killers in the history of time – Charles Manson! Doesn’t he look absolutely innocent in this childhood photo of his?

While growing up, somewhere he went majorly wrong. Being adept with his manipulative skills, he eventually brainwashed the Manson family. They conspired to commit seven gruesome murders under his influence.

2. This little chap who looks smart and extremely studious is Heinrich Himmler. Going by his childhood photo no-one can imagine the brutal person he would become with time.Heinrich Himmler grew up to be one of the main leaders of the Nazis leading multiple operations which took millions of lives in concentration camps.

Heinrich Himmler grew up to be one of the main leaders of the Nazi party. He not only lead multiple operations on behalf of the Nazi tyranny but is also responsible death by millions in concentration camps.

3. Does this quiet-looking boy seem like a person who would grow up to be one of the most-wanted terrorists in the history of time? This is Osama Bin Laden’s childhood photo – one of the evilest men in modern times!

Osama bin Laden is held responsible for forming the al-Qaeda terrorist group and is also the prime accused in carrying out the brutal and ghastly 9/11 attacks! He was shot down by the U.S. Navy Seals in the year 2011 after he spent a decade on the most-wanted list of the FBI.

4. Doesn’t this teenager seem like any other? This is Gary Ridgeman’s teen photo – innocent and oblivious to the gruesome person he will become in future.

Gary Ridgeman was convicted of killing 49 people between the 1980s and 90s. Officials believe he had killed more people, but the police could never confirm it.

5. Who can tell from this innocent childhood photo, that this boy would grow up to be a wicked evil person? This is the childhood photo of Anders Behring Breivik – the infamous Norwegian terrorist.

Breivik bombed government buildings and opened fired at a camp in Oslo in 2011. He was responsible for the death of 77 lives – the youngest one being only 14 years old.

6. This is Joseph Stalin Read in his childhood days. His uncorrupted face showing no trace of the horrid things he would do when he grew up. An innocent Stalin was once a reality.

Joseph Stalin is a name synonymous with modern-day tyranny. He was a barbaric oppressor who slaughtered thousands of lives to quench his thirst for power. Once in power, he killed more people to ensure he stays in authority.

7. This is a young John Wayne Gacy. Just like any other kid, he lived a pretty normal childhood. Rather he lived a quite normal life till 1972.

Within the short span of 1972 and 1978, John Gacy is said to have murdered at least 33 teenage boys after sexually assaulting them. 26 of these bodies were buried by Gacy in the crawl space of his own house! He served 14 years in death row sentence before being executed by a lethal injection.

8. Look at this tiny tot! Such a cute, innocent face – completely oblivious to the fact that his name would be a symbol of infamy and oppression. This is Adolf Hitler’s photo as a baby – the man who would gradually grow up to be one the most brutal dictators ever!


Hitler preached the extermination of Jews from German and spoke about establishing a New Order. His acts of tyranny against the Jews in concentration camps still send a shiver down people’s spine. A war-headed oppressor – he is held responsible for millions of lives lost. His own life controversially ended in suicide.

9. This kid playing with his dog is like any other kid – playful and cute! He is Jeffrey Dahmer – one of the most depraved, savage serial killers!

Jeffrey used to lure his victims into hotel rooms somehow. Once in, he would get them under the influence of drugs, strangle them and then dismember them! As if that was not horrid enough, he is also said to have performed sexual acts on the corpse of his victims! Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes were the heights of atrocity!

10. This cute little child is Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito). This adorable face had a very cruel fate ahead of him.

During World War II, Emperor Shōwa encouraged and manipulated people to escape the ‘evil’ clutches of the Americans by committing suicide. In the year 1944, he was responsible for suicidal deaths of around 1000 Japanese civilians.

11. This young age photograph is of Saddam Hussein! In every aspect, Saddam Hussein had pretty much a normal life growing up as a kid and would eventually become the President of Iraq.

He is held responsible for executions of above 250,000 Iraqis. His heinous crimes against humanity were the charges against him and he was sentenced to death after being caught!

12. This charming young lad is the current Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.

We are not oblivious to the situation in Syria in recent times. Bashar al-Assad’s brutal and harsh practices are turning his countrymen against him. Under the leadership of Assad, Syria is said to have incurred a significant loss in every sector. Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the torture and killings of his own people and because of his tyranny millions of Syrian refugees have been compelled to flee to Europe.

13. This is the picture of an extremely young, playful and cheerful Theodore Robert Bundy. Ted Bundy, as he is infamously known as grew up to be a charming man with good looks but an ill-fated future.

Ted Bundy was another notorious serial killer who would lure his victims by his good looks and charm. He is accused of killing at least 30 women, many of which were college students. He also allegedly used to perform sexual acts with the corpse of his victims!13avia

14. This cute kid is the young Kim Jong-II. Being the leader of North Korea was destined for him right since his birth. But it was beyond anyone’s guess that his ways and practices would be so ghastly that he would make it to the list of top evil men of all times!

To assert a tight control and dictatorship over his country, Kim Jong – II used extreme measures of State terrorism. Implementing strong military efforts, he had successfully turned North Korea into a mysterious land which is completely cut off from the rest of the world.

15. You must have already guessed who this innocent little kid is? Kim Jong Un – son and successor of Kim Jong – II and the current North Korean leader. Needless to say, irrespective of how sinless this childhood photo looks, Kim Jong Un followed his father’s footsteps!

North Korea is still like a world away from the rest of mankind. With no connection or ties with the outside world, North Korea is still seemingly under a complete lockdown under the tyranny of the current leader.