15 Incredible Untold Facts about Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt


With nine Olympic gold medals and numerous Championship titles, Usain Bolt is not only a heavily celebrated athlete but also the fastest man on Earth. Unless you live in a cave detached from global events and devoid of any kind of connection to the society, you have definitely seen the wild Olympic fever the world just witnessed. With yet another stellar performance, Jamaica’s Usain “Lightning” Bolt justifies his moniker by still retaining three gold medals in this year’s Olympic Games held in Rio, Brazil. This 6 foot 5-inch athlete has a very unique laid back personality and with his impeccable performance has built a legion of fans within a short few years. Usain Bolt is an international icon of immense fame and popularity but there are some weirdly unusual and freaky facts about him that you might have never heard of.

1. Bolt is the first athlete to have won three consecutive gold medals for 100m event in the Olympics. His first gold was in 2008 Beijing Olympics when he beat arch-rival Justin Gatlin to secure the gold – and he then retained it by winning 100m in both 2012 and 2016 Olympics.
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2. Usain Bolt is said to be very quirky and weird when it comes to his habits. This iconic athlete does not train anywhere else in the world other than in Jamaica. Rumors say that he tends to get more casual when not in his homeland, or maybe he prefers sticking to where his roots are – either way we are not complaining as long as he keeps performing at this level.
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3, Did you know that Bolt is also the slowest runner on track? Yes, you heard that right! Bolt is usually the slowest amongst the lot in a sprinting event for the first 50m or so. He usually picks up his pace once he crosses that mark and accelerates drastically from the 60m-80m mark and eventually wins anyway.
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4. It is said that people love animals who reflect some of their own characteristics or nature. Guess what Bolt’s favorite animal is? Cheetah! It is not only his favorite animal but the fastest man on earth has even adopted a cheetah, the fastest animal on earth. His adopted cheetah’s name is Lightning Bolt.
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5. One of the less known and least expected facts about this iconic athlete is that he has a health condition called scoliosis. No matter how hard to believe, the fastest man on earth actually has a spine with a crooked curve to it and he does not let that affect his performance at all.
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6. Right from his childhood, Bolt is a big fan of cricket. While he admits Pakistan has been his favorite cricket team since childhood days, he is also a die-hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar and watching him play live is right there on his bucket list. Chris Gayle and Waqar Younis are amongst his other favorite cricketers.
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7. Usain Bolt is one of those rare few athletes who has consistently put on their A-game from a very young age. He is amongst the only eight athletes who have won all three levels (junior, youth and senior) of an event in the World Championship.
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8. Usain Bolt has never run for at least a mile! Shocked? It’s true – Bolt admits he has set up a rule for himself where he will never run that long a distance. To add to that, this is one of the reasons why he took up to participating (read dominating) the 100m category – because it is much less running.
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9. Usain Bolt took the world by storm with his performance in 2008 Beijing Olympics – but do you know the secret to his magnificent performance? Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds. His diet during the 10-day global gathering comprised of around a whopping 100 chicken nuggets a day! Jokes aside, that’s not very healthy but Bolt found Chinese food a little ‘odd’ – hence he resorted to this measure.
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10. Another intriguing fact about the Beijing Olympics is that Bolt finished the 100m event with his shoelaces untied. Let alone tripping on his laces or slowing down due to unfavorable winds, Bolt instead finished first with a record time – making him the fastest man ever in the sport! It seemed like nothing can stop this man and 8 years down the line, we still think so.
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11. Bolt also has a special love for Football and is a big fan of the English club Manchester United. He had attended the finals of 2011 Champion’s League as a special guest for the club. Ex-defender of Manchester United supposedly offered to arrange a trial for Bolt to show his skills to manager Alex Ferguson. Usain Bolt says that if seriously Alex would have asked him to give a trial, he couldn’t have refused and that he was confident he could impress Ferguson with his skills.
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12. He is not only extremely popular and talented but is also very rich. He has hordes of endorsement deals from big companies who have been or are willing to sponsor him. He is a marketer’s dream and is quite a popular face when it comes to endorsement. He charges a lot, and the companies sponsoring him can afford to match to. Bolt is one of the richest athletes and is amongst the Forbes list of top 100 richest people.
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13. When Usain Bolt is not running on the track, he is busy running a number of businesses. He owns ‘Tracks & Records’ – a restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica. He has his own line of clothing in a tie-up with Puma and has his own range of headphones named “Soul by Usain Bolt”.
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14. In 2012, RockLive (Shots Mobile) launched Bolt’s very own video game too. The game called Bolt! Gained massive popularity overnight and quickly shot to the top of most popular apps in Jamaica and also the number 2 spot in UK’s list of top free apps.
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15. Besides being a great athlete, Bolt is also a kind-hearted person who does a lot of charity. He has a foundation named ‘Usain Bolt Foundation’ which addresses and works for social causes. He is a Catholic and has a habit of making a cross sign before the start of a race.
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With the extraordinary display of performance in this year’s Rio Olympics, and with World Championships coming soon in 2017, we all can just say one thing to this global icon – Keep Running!

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