15 Astonishing Facts About The Movie ‘Jumanji’


Reboots and sequels seem to be trending a lot these days. With movies like Ghostbusters, Godzilla and Conan getting the reboot treatment, it was time Jumanji got picked up by the producers. The film was previously teased by Dwayne Johnson when he posted a few concept arts. With Kevin Hart Instagramming a set photo yesterday we got the first glimpse of what’s in store for us. Central Intelligence duo Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson return and are joined by Jack Black and Karen Gillan in unspecified roles. Fans of the film did get a quasi-reboot in the form of Zathura and even though the movie feels like a reboot, it is supposedly a continuation of the 1995 film. For the fans who want more and can’t wait till the movie gets released, here are 15 things you might not know about Jumanji.

1. Jumanji means ‘many effects’ in Zulu.

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2. Robin Williams, although the main character, makes an appearance after 28 minutes into the movie!
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3. For the curious, there are 110 spaces on the board game.
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4. The entire movie could have been skipped if either Sarah or Alan’s parents rolled an eight or a five.

5. With an estimated budget of $50 million, Jumanji was pretty advanced for its time with splendid CGI.
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6. David Alan Grier is four years younger than Robin Williams whereas in the movie his character Carl was at least a decade older than Alan.
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7.In a scene where Alan wrestles a crocodile. Robin got so carried away that he elbowed the man inside, HARD, prompting him to shout “HEY!’.
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8. A building in Keene, New Hampshire where ‘Jumanji’ was filmed still has a Parrish Shoe (the company owned by Alan’s father) sign painted on its side.
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9. Before she put on the black spandex and took on the role of the Black Widow, an 11-year-old Scarlett Johansson auditioned for the role of Judy Shephard.
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10.The board game became immensely popular after the film’s release and still is with director Joe Johnston auctioning one of the prop boards for a whopping $48,875 in 2014.

11.Jumanji is based on 1981 picture book by CHRIS VAN ALLSBURG, with the covers providing inspirations for memorable scenes like the one with the monkeys.
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12. Samuel “Sam” Parrish, Alan’s father and Van Pelt are played by the same actor Jonathan Hyde. With fan theories suggesting that Van Pelt was Alan’s own twisted creation, talk about our minds being blown.
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13. In the scene in the attic, Judy says she would win if she rolls a 12. Instead, she rolled a 3 to which Alan tells Judy that she’ll win if she gets a 7. It looks like someone needs to attend Math 101! (To the kindergarteners she needed a 9)
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14.The rules of the game are pretty vague. Alan only rolls, like, four times in the entire movie. And with no fixed tasks to perform, they just had to avoid their surroundings, huddle together and spam through the whole game.
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15.The Mexican National Anthem is heard playing when Van Pelt enters the gun store. The anthem was edited out for its theatrical release in the country as it is illegal to use it for commercial purposes in Mexico.
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