14 Changes a Person Goes Through when Living Abroad


Life actually changes when you decide to move to a different country. Things become exciting yet the reality strikes everyone a little later.



If you are shifting to a new country, It means time for a new life too, a chance to forget as the old shit and start from the scratch. It’s time to transform your life but however, things are commonly easier before they are done. Perks of the past will consequently haunt the deeds of the future, yet change is in fact slow and gradual, as it doesn’t happen overnight. New life brings new responsibilities, the ones that were out of your concern until the moment you decided to cross borders. Living with family is so much easier and convenient, because you have somebody to assist you for everything. But things are completely different when you are supposed to live alone, you have to do everything on your own. Scary enough?

Let’s go through these 14 changes a person goes through when he or she is living abroad.

1) CULTURAL DIFFERENCES – The most common barrier and challenge faced by those who move to some other country. If you can’t speak the native language of the place you are shifting to, you might as well be damn fluent in English but even then there is a chance you’ll be ignored.While at some festive ceremony you will have to learn to behave otherwise nobody is going to entertain you.

2) LANGUAGE – Language is one hell of a barrier if you are living in a foreign country. We strongly suggest you to get started on some intensive language course, if the University won’t provide any. You should be fluent with the native language of the country you are moving to.

3) DIFFICULTY WHILE STUDYING – Most of the time of your day would actually be spent in the university you got admission in. Things won’t be easy here too. To build a proper understanding with your professor or the fellow students , you would need to put a lot of effort.image002


4) EXAM BURDEN – When you are understanding things and coping up with other difficulties, do not forget that you always have the exam burden over you. The way exams are shaped is one of the major differences between Universities. You can spend all that time focusing on the wrong questions, while the things you should’ve learned are right there in front of you.

5) EMOTIONAL DILEMMA – Every now or then you would face the emotional burden over you, whether it’s your first year in a new country or it’s the tenth year. Things keep horrifying you always, and it’s your mom whom you want should be there to share the moments of joy and sorrow.

6) TIME DIFFERENCE – In the initial days, this is something that is gonna bother you the most. You’ll face a lot of problem adjusting with the new time zone and make your schedule perfect according to it.

7) HOMESICKNESS – With days passing, you will start feeling homesick and spend days online talking to your friends and family, ignoring the life that is actually waiting for you outside those doors. Depression might overwhelm you, if you aren’t strong enough; you will consequently pack your bags and go back to your comfort zone. If not, you will continue the journey and shape up a new life for your own self.image005



8) WORK LOAD – Household duties for once will always be waiting for you to come home; something really important you should look forward to. Eating and sleeping right would be the major challenge, as you have to take care of both these things despite of your busy schedule.



9) MANAGING THE FINANCES – Managing your funds is not a side project and will require your full attention. If you are not careful enough with your monthly expenditure and how wisely you should spend the money, you will have a big regret once all your money is vanished. As we mentioned earlier, as an expat you will be treated with zero tolerance.


 Try to achieve scholarships so that you won’t have to spend extra on the tuition fees.
 Don’t keep ur self free after the university, get ur self a part time job. The more busy you become, the more happy you will be.
 Don’t always eat out, try to cook meals at home.

11) DON’T MESS WITH THE LAWS – Don’t break any laws in a foreign country, otherwise half of your life would pass getting rid of all the charges against you.

12) EMOTIONAL HEART BREAKS – We all know, it’s difficult to trust a romantic partner of a different culture and country. And you have a lot of breakups and romantic traumas so ignore all this and just concentrate on your life.



13) FAMILY PLANNING – Romance at the University cannot be underestimated as without the proper protection a child might even come along. As most of us aren’t really fans of abortion, a child in such inappropriate timing might cost someone his/her career, no matter if it is the mother or the father that we are talking about. So this is a very important thing you should be careful for.

14) YOUR HEALTH & WELLNESS – In such a busy and tiring life do not forget to take care of your own self. You cannot afford to get sick in the new country as you have no dear one to take care of you and also the health expenses are a extra burden.