These 12 Pictures Showing Life Before And After 30 Are Amazingly True


Once you are 30, you have reached a certain milestone in life. We all would unanimously agree that teenage and the early 20s seem like a crazy wild time when we are in our 30s! These 12 comparisons between life before and after 30 are amusing but also very true. Does it apply to your life too? You decide!

1. Drinking before 30 means a crazy night of partying with your friends.10via

After 30, you rather enjoy sipping a glass of wine relaxing on your couch, watching your favorite TV show or movie!


2. Breakfast before 30 basically means anything and by anything, we mean junk food!12via

After 30, you are a cautious muncher. Your breakfast usually comprises of healthy, fiber-rich cereals.


3. Hangovers before 30 are wicked! Refer to the movie with the same title for better reference!18via

Hangovers after 30 make you feel like a zombie craving for some energy and regretting each and every drink you had the previous night.


4. Before 30, shoes are all about the style statement. No matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable they are, as long as they grab some eyeballs – it’s all good.16via

After 30, comfort is the key! You don’t really care what other people think or if some shoes make you look old. All you crave is comfort!



5. Before 30, your plans start late! But once you hit 30, you want to retire back to your cosy home by 10 or 11pm.1via

6. When love is still young, text conversations are romantic and cheesy. Quite a few years down the line this is what usually happens over text!2via

7. ‘Late Night’ means completely different things before and after 30.3via

8. Before 30, your body’s metabolism is praiseworthy. After 30, well – we all know right?4via

9. While you’re still young, other people’s opinion matter. You have a public image to form and look after. After 30, you are mature enough to know none of these matter.6via

10. You are scared of getting old and think 30 is a dead end to life. Post 30, you begin to think that’s when your life actually started and life before was just fun and games.7via

11. Travelling is vividly different. After 30, you definitely need a comfortable hotel room above everything else.9via

12. Friendships grow and mature as we mature. After 30, you begin to realise that those hundreds of facebook friends are not really your ‘friends’ and you take your actual handful of friends way more seriously.8via