10 Awesome Marriage Secrets About Ellen And Portia


When we talk about Hollywood couples, Ellen and Portia inevitably come to our minds as one of the most enigmatic and lovely couples around. They are a powerhouse of talent and absolutely adorable. They are not only very much in love, but in fact set huge relationship goals for many others. Here is sharing some awesome and cute relationship trivia about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi.
1. Can you believe it has already been eight years that Ellen and Portia are married? They got married on 16th August 2008. Eight years down the line, on their anniversary this year, Ellen Tweeted a photo of them together and stated how marrying Portia was the best thing she ever did.
2. Ellen is older than Portia by fifteen years. They show the world how age is nothing but just a number when it comes to relationships. Love is beyond age gaps and similar unnecessary barriers.
3. Both of them got married in a private ceremony held at their residence in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The quaint gathering was right after same-sex marriage ban was overturned by the state of California.
4. Portia once commented on Entertainment Tonight that she and Ellen are not only married but are also best friends who don’t keep anything from each other. How many couples can actually say that they never tell each other any lies at all? Not even those small white lies!
5. Ellen DeGeneres has a very powerful persona – We all know that! But did you know that Portia De Rossi was very much into Ellen right from the time she first met her? It was love at first sight for her, but it took her three long years to muster up the courage to approach Ellen.
6. Ellen and Portia first met at a social event. Although Portia had not come out yet in public, she much later revealed that Ellen was so charming that she made Portia’s knees go weak. Probably she already felt the connection right away!
7. Ellen and Portia sealed their relationship with the first kiss at the back of a limousine! Portia shared this and only this intimate little tidbit with People. They might have shared
8. Ellen had a full-fledged plan of surprising Portia by hosting a joint birthday party, but around the same time, California State overturned the ban on same-sex marriage. Ellen and Portia left all other plans behind and hurried to the altar.
9. There have been breakup rumors making rounds on the internet time and again. Ellen discarded all of them saying she and Portia barely have arguments! Breaking up is not even a thought that crossed their minds ever!
10. An amazing trivia about this gorgeous couple is that they don’t exchange gifts during holidays or even during birthdays! Ellen and Portia keep gifting each other something or the other all the time and barely feel the need of a special occasion to do so! Sweet, isn’t it?